Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Dinner with These Amazing Gifts

Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Dinner with These Amazing Gifts

Published on Nov 15th 2013

Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Dinner with These Amazing GiftsWith Thanksgiving coming up soon, we wanted to take the time to talk about what the day means to us. It’s difficult to go back to the days of Columbus and our Native Americans without wanting to rewrite the history we are so accustomed to reading, so instead we wanted to share what it means to us on a more personal level.

Thanking Those Around Us

We all have things to be grateful for, whether it is our families, the loves in our lives, our health, a great job, or simply the wonder of being alive on this wondrous Earth. Often we forget to truly thank those around us for being who they are, for supporting us, for allowing us to experience the bounty and depth of caring.

Giving Thanks from the Depth of One’s Heart

A Boca Terry, Thanksgiving means giving thanks from the depth of one’s heart and soul. It is a day to gather around a table filled with abundant foods, delicious in scent and taste, and all made with love.

Showing Family and Friends How Meaningful They Are

If you are getting together with family and friends, what a perfect time to present each one with a gift that shows just how meaningful it is that they are in your life. Our bathrobes are just the perfect touch when it comes to expressing an intimate message.

 Comfort and Style

Luxury, comfort, style, and sensuality all combine in every one of our bathrobe styles. Choose a Basic Kimono for its sleek and elegant lines, a Knit Waffle to ward off upcoming winter’s chill, a Satin Stripe to create a sophisticated look, or a thick hooded terry cloth robe with deep pockets and a wrap-around that hugs the body to the bone.

Making Everyone Look Like a Film Star

Our one-size-fits-all robes can also be ordered in plus sizes for those who need a more ample cut. Made for both men and women, every single style we make is designed to make anyone look like a film star with their perfectly sculpted drape, beautifully cut sleeves, and sumptuous fabrics that make you want to stay robed all day and night.

As Durable and Lasting as Your Love and Friendship

Made with a cutting-edge manufacturing process that ensures that every robe is durable and lasting, giving your loved ones a Boca Terry robe is your way of letting them know how much you value them. Wrapping up the robes to give as presents at your Thanksgiving dinner will give you consummate pleasure, just knowing that you are creating a new kind of statement and taking the holiday out of the conventional norm as you give it an entirely new meaning.

Creating a Really Great Product

Boca Terry was created many years ago with the idea of providing customers with a product that would make them feel good. We didn’t think about the money we’d make or getting our name in the limelight. We simply wanted to create a really great product that people would love to wear. And in service to this thought, we also wanted to make sure that despite the impeccable effort we put into making an exceptional product, our robes and spa accessories were always affordable.

Dedicated To Perfecting Our Products

Of course today, we have made money and we are in the limelight, and it is all for the right reasons. Our dedication to quality, to customer service, and to sourcing materials that are top-of-the-line are excellent reasons for us to celebrate our good fortune. That so many clients have recognized that we are truly dedicated to perfecting our products is our real reward. And by listening to our clients, we are constantly able to reach a higher level.

Our Eco Friendly Line

A great example of this has to do with the growing concern and desire for eco-friendly goods. As people become more aware of the environment and the importance of organic products, Boca Terry has followed suit by creating a line of bathrobes that are made of 100% organic cotton that is grown from pure seeds, harvested consciously, and created without the presence of a single toxin. We can safely say that these products are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, or those who may have allergies or asthma.

Practical, Glamorous, and Comfortable

As the supplier to many of the five star hotels around the globe, as well as top tier spas, cruise lines, promotional companies, hospitals, and more, our robes are gaining even more of a reputation for satisfying every need, from practical to glamorous to the unfailingly comfortable.

Browse Our Online Store

Browse our online store to see what styles would be best for your Thanksgiving guests. You may even wish to customize your robe order by adding a personalized logo or monogram to each one. Our embroidery experts are always available to consult with you on the best design in order to make something beautiful and unique.

Contact Us Today

Order now so that you can be sure to have your robes on time for the holiday. We assure a fast delivery, as our customer service extends to every facet of our business.

Contact us today to look at our wonderful catalogue and to speak with a representative.

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