Relieve Stress at Home with These Serenity Tips

Relieve Stress at Home with These Serenity Tips

Published on Feb 15th 2013

Relieve Stress at Home with These Serenity TipsSomehow we think that the only way we can reduce stress is to take a trip or see a professional. We rarely look at our homes as the sanctuaries they are, where we actually have all that we need to create an environment that envelops us in serenity and peace.

Creating Peace After a Stressful Day

Often we bring the chaos of the outside into our homes, which is why many of us take vacations. At Boca Terry, we believe that if we do just a few essential things, we can change this paradigm to create an intimate world that gives us the peace we need after a stressful day.

The Right to Feel Pampered and Relaxed

One of the reasons why we started our company, way back when, was to provide people with a sense of ease embodied in the most exquisite robes for men and women at a price that anyone could afford. We have always felt that luxury is not just the domain of the rich and famous, but right a right that everyone has to feel pampered, comfortable, and relaxed.

Reconnecting With Our True Selves

Because the bathrobe is the perfect metaphor for changing skins, we feel that it should be an essential element in one’s wardrobe. When we shed our clothing of the day, we have the chance to reconnect with our true selves, draping a robe over ourselves to insulate us against the world and towards greater balance.

Turning Your Home Into a Serene Haven

There are many things we can do at home to retrieve our serenity, and they can be done at any time and quite easily. Creating a personal shopping list that holds equal predominance with your groceries will ensure that you have the proper elements at hand for making your home into a serene haven.

Boca Terry’s Serenity Tips

Here are some essential tips that we at Boca Terry find to be the perfect guidelines for relieving stress at home:

The Robe

Selecting the perfect robe from our Boca Terry catalogue should be easy, as there are so many beautifully made pieces that are ideal for lounging after a long bath or massage. Whether you are looking for a warm cocoon that you can snuggle into on a cold afternoon or a lightweight kimono style that fits in with warmer weather, we have just what you need, and everything else in between.

Our Fleece robes are as light as clouds, with a feeling as cozy you could ever hope to enjoy. The exquisite feel of our satin bathrobes puts the “L” in luxury, and you can choose from our gorgeous Satin Stripe model for men and women, or the Pink Kimono that is the essence of Oriental elegance. Perhaps it is the sensation of a deep pile terrycloth that helps you unwind. Choose a shawl collar or hooded version with deep pockets and a double loop waistband for the ultimate in lounge appeal.

The Ambiance

Once you have the main attraction, which is the robe that stands for your commitment to relaxation and pleasure, you are ready to create the right ambiance in which to enjoy a complete unwinding.

Asking Others to Respect the Quiet

If you live with others, tell your family or roommates that you need some time alone and ask them to honor the quiet you will need for a few hours. They are sure to respect your needs, and perhaps they too can use the time to rest and relax.

Creating Order and a Good Meal

Make sure your home, or at the least your bedroom and bathroom is clean and tidy. When all is ordered, there is nothing in the way and nothing for you to think about other than doing what gives you peace of mind. Prepare or buy some gourmet treats that you can nibble on without having to take time out to cook. Create a beautiful tray and place your food on it, along with a pitcher of ice water with lemon that you can sip on when thirsty.

The Bed, Candles, and Aromatherapy

Put clean sheets on your bed, making sure they are the most beautiful ones you own. Light beautifully scented candles and place them throughout your bedroom and bathroom, turning out any overhead lights to create a soft environment that encourages relaxation. You can also use an aromatherapy mister or burner, with an oil such as lavender, geranium, or rose to help you unwind.

Choose the Right Music

Choose a selection of music that invites you to dream. Perhaps it is something classical, New Age, or a Chill Out compilation that is designed to help you let go.

Prepare Your Bath

Fill up the bathtub with a moisturizing bath soap that incorporates the same oils as above to further the penetration of aromatherapy’s healing properties. Let the hot water surround you as the music and the fragrance work their magic.

Reaping the Benefits

Dry off and gently rub lotion or body oil into your skin, working through every muscle, as well as in between your toes and your fingers. Then slip into your awaiting Boca Terry robe and you are ready to lay down and reap all of the benefits you’ve created for yourself so far.

The World is Your Oyster and You are the Pearl

You’ve turned off your cell phone and computer along with the TV, so there’s no news or advertising that can disturb you as you let yourself go. This world is your oyster, and you are the pearl, returning to your original luster through giving yourself permission to bask in a day of absolute regeneration.

With your nibbles and water nearby, perhaps this is the time to finally start that book you’ve been wanting to read, to leaf through some magazines, or simply to close your eyes and feel your body releasing tension as it soaks in the beauty of your surroundings.

Enhancing the Experience

Add a massage into the mix, or an at home manicure from a visiting professional if you want to really give yourself the ultimate freedom from stress. At Boca Terry, we want to remind you that you are precious and deserve all the pampering in the world. You know as well as we do that when you feel good, everything suddenly appears to be fresh and new. It is so easy and uncomplicated to take the time to release built-up stress, and so essential for keeping yourself inspired, energized, and balanced throughout the week.

Contact Us

Please feel free to take a look at our exceptional online catalogue of luxury bathrobes as a first step towards treating yourself in the royal manner that you deserve. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to answer them at 877.421.6001 or through our online form.

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