Socially Responsible Distributor of Luxury Robes for Hotels and Spas

Socially Responsible Distributor of Luxury Robes for Hotels and Spas

Published on Sep 29th 2013

Socially Responsible Distributor of Luxury Robes for Hotels and SpasAs more buyers for hotels and spas become aware of the importance of lowering their carbon footprint, the demand for our 100% organic cotton robes increases. Grown with socially responsible protocols, our luxury robes are taking the market by storm as they fulfill every requirement for comfort and health.

Toxins Increasing in Strength with Commercial Growers


It is common knowledge that commercial cotton growers are using more and more pesticides and herbicides to ensure a larger crop and satisfying a growing demand. This means that toxins increase in strength as insects and other pests become immune to their properties. According to the USDA, upwards of 84 million pounds of pesticides were sprayed on cotton fields in 2000, and of course the numbers increase every year.

Lethal Chemicals for Cleaning and Deodorizing Cotton


What does this mean for the land, water tables, wildlife, and cotton workers? It is plain that these often carcinogenic materials seep into everything they come in contact with, regardless of later methodologies in production. And even in production, conventional processes include their own lethal chemicals to clean and deodorize the cotton before the weaving begins.

Our Support of Old Fashioned Planting Methods


At Boca Terry, we are extremely aware of how important our role is in making sure that clients come away with a product that is pristine, healthful, and non-impacting to the environment. We pay strict attention to old fashioned planting methods that honor crop rotation and other biologically sound protocols. The farms where we purchase our cotton are those that adhere to organic principals, honoring the varied ecosystems that create the necessary balance for plants and animals to naturally thrive.

Cotton is now considered one of the most toxic products in the marketplace. With pesticides like Paraquat and Parathion, the fear of spreading carcinogens has not yet staunched the need for manufacturers to continue spraying crops.

What is Spread Penetrates to the Inside


Our earth is like our skin. Whatever we spread over it is what penetrates to the inside. When pesticides are sprayed on crops, they are absorbed into the ground, poisoning the area, compromising wildlife, and denaturing the very crops they are meant to serve.

What is Spread Penetrates to the Inside


As with anything that is ingested on a consistent basis, an immunity arises and the need for stronger stuff becomes essential. And so the chemicals used on cotton become even more dangerous, affecting birds and other essential creatures that create so much of the harmony required for a healthy planet.

At the Forefront of the Latest Technology


Manufacturing and production processes can also be riddled with practices that are simply archaic. There are now extremely modern methods for readying cotton for the marketplace, and Boca Terry is at the forefront when it comes to the latest technology.

An Impeccable Eye Towards Quality Control and Keeping Costs Down


Our factories are all calibrated to use the utmost degree of care when it comes to treating and preparing fabrics. With a detailed and impeccable eye towards quality control, every bit of cotton is inspected before it goes on to subsequent stages in the creation of our luxury robes. With no middleman to interfere with our practices or costs, we are able to deliver beautifully styled 100% organic robes at a fraction of the price offered by our competitors.

The Danger of GMOs


At Boca Terry we are also cognizant of the potential problems with genetically modified seeds. Now that cotton is a part of the GMO plan, we try to be careful when selecting crops that are natural and untainted in order to bring hotels and spas the pure products they expect when buying organic.

Safe for the Skin


Our luxury robes come in a wide range of styles and materials. When ordering our 100% natural fiber cotton models, you can be assured that your customers are putting the finest cloth next to their skin. This is especially ideal for those who suffer from ailments such as eczema, allergies, and other skin problems.

Showing Your Humane Side


In our competitive business, it is important that your brand stands for something more than just a relaxing experience. When coupled with great customer service and a commitment to honoring the health of your guests, as well as the planet, you show a more humane side that is becoming one of the most appealing factors when it comes to choosing a vacation locale.

Watching the Green Trend Grow


The Green movement is rapidly becoming the hot topic in our industry. Re-use of towels, better recycling methods of debris and garbage, sustainable materials for construction, and a myriad of other consciousness-raising practices are becoming the norm in almost all of the hotels and spas we deal with worldwide. And because Boca Terry has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental awareness, we are excited to watch the trend grow.

Beautifully Embroidered Logos


Our organic robes are further enhanced by our beautifully honed embroidered logos that perfectly capture your brand. Strategically placed on each piece, there is no better way to advertise your hotel or spa. Our design experts will work with you on creating a beautiful design that allows guests to easily identify your company. This is especially powerful if you have an in-house or online boutique where guests can bring robes home for their friends and family.

Becoming a Household Name


With your name up front, people will be hard-pressed to forget you, and when you become indelible in people’s minds, you are well on your way to becoming a household name. A perfectly constructed embroidered logo placed on a flawlessly designed organic cotton terry robe seems to be the perfect formula for success, and will certainly place you high up in customer ratings.

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