South Florida’s Highest Quality Terry Cloth Lounge Chair Covers for Condos

South Florida’s Highest Quality Terry Cloth Lounge Chair Covers for Condos

Published on Dec 7th 2013

South Florida's Highest Quality Terry Cloth Lounge Chair Covers for CondosAs South Florida’s most reputable supplier for the hospitality industry, Boca Terry’s robes, towels, slippers, and other spa accessories are known for their luxurious feel, elegant design, and reasonable price. With a retail division that is equally as strong, we are able to bring our exquisite products to those of you who may not have had the chance to buy them in a hotel or spa boutique.

Boca Terry Lounge Chair Covers

Some of our biggest selling items are our Boca Terry lounge chair covers. Having come to the attention of Florida condo owners, we are constantly being flooded with orders for our impeccably designed and crafted woven terry covers with a universal fit. What a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of lounging than to place your body on material that is velvety, luxurious, and exceptionally made.

Enhancing the Lounging Experience

Getting on the bandwagon, condo owners from all around the globe are asking for our 100% combed cotton terry cloth beauties. Finished with cotton tape and perfectly hemmed edges, our lounge chair covers create a wonderfully snug fit. Never slipping, they hug any lounge chair style, creating a non-slip, lush surface for balcony, back yard, pool, or beach-side lounging.

Expert Craftsmanship

In crisp white or soft ecru, our covers are made with short fibers that give the fabric its needed strength. Added to this, we apply our special dense looping technique to provide extremely fast and efficient absorption of water that is able to evaporate quickly in order to keep the body dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Exceptional Quality Control

At Boca Terry, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality control. Every product that leaves our factory on its way to you has been inspected for the perfection we expect of our highly trained employees. Because our products are created for the hospitality industry, they are made to last through countless launderings so essential to proper hygiene and care. In this regard, you can be sure that your lounge chair covers will not only last a long time, but they will also retain their elasticity, nap, and overall beauty.

Classic Design and Absolute Practicality

Using a classically simple design, Boca Terry lounge chair covers work with any type of balcony, porch, or outside decor. Their job is to look good, blend in, and to make you feel more comfortable. Easy to wash, they provide you with a pristine way to relax, knowing that you are on a fresh fabric rather than on furniture that has been exposed over time to the elements. Additionally, our lounge chair covers help to keep creams and oils on your body, rather than on the chair, which as a condo owner, is consolation that you will not have to replace your chairs due to staining or corrosion.

Customized Embroidery

Many condo owners come to us in order to have their lounge chair covers embroidered with a special design or monogram. This creates an exclusive luxury look that beautifully personalizes your environment.  Whether you select the emblem of your entire condo or decide on your own initials, a hand-stitched piece of artwork will help to make your lounge chair cover more exclusive and precious.

Keeping Prices Down

One of the secrets to our success is that all of our Boca Terry products are produced and manufactured at our own factories located in China, Columbia, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Because we handle all processes under our own roofs, we are able to oversee every single detail, from purchase of the yarn all the way through to packaging our final products in readiness to send to you.

Because we handle it all, we are also able to keep our costs down. With no middleman, our prices stay low. Our mission at Boca Terry is to supply our clients with luxury products that look like a million, but that will never deflate the contents of your wallet.

Made to Last

Buying from Boca Terry is a guarantee of a high quality, luxurious product that is made to last. In these days of throw-aways, cheap labor, and high volume production, we are becoming a rarity, as our values are aimed in another direction. Our employees take full responsibility and a sense of pride when it comes to their jobs. This means that they treat each Boca Terry product as if it were their own.

Our first concern is always to bring you the best fabrics and craftsmanship. It is because of this that we can deliver goods at a high volume, and we intend to adhere to our principles in service to providing you with the quality you deserve.

Available for Consultation

Our experts at Boca Terry are always available to advise you on your purchases. This includes a design, should you wish to order a hand-embroidered logo for your lounge chair covers. We will work with you to create something unique, finding colors, shapes, and fonts that best harmonize with your personal style.

Contact Us Today

For more information regarding our lounge chair covers, robes, towels, slippers, or any of our other products, please contact us today. We can by reached by phone at (877) 421-6001 or through the form on our Contact Us page.

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