Spa Accessories to Make Your Guests’ Stay a Pleasure

Spa Accessories to Make Your Guests’ Stay a Pleasure

Published on Mar 10th 2016

Spa Accessories to Make Your Guests’ Stay a PleasureThe spa is one of the only places in which visitors can reap the benefits of feeling absolute comfort during their entire stay. To ensure this indulgence, both spa and hotel owners should go through every effort to ascertain guests have access to all the tools necessary for giving them the ultimate feeling of bliss.

That’s why hotels must provide guests with the garments and accessories they would regularly expect to find at the spa, so as to provide them with a similar experience from the comfort of their rooms. After all, no one said such accessories are limited for use solely at the spa.

The Perfect Bathrobe

At Boca Terry, we pride ourselves in being perfectionists.  We’ve spent years in the manufacturing business getting to know a large variety of fabrics, which has helped us to choose the best in the industry for manufacturing our high quality bathrobes.

From 100% combed cotton terry and velour variations, to going the eco-friendly route, you can find a wide selection of bathrobes to fit the ambience of any setting. Our unique bathrobes are woven in an assortment of patterns and feature a practical design to make your guests’ stay a memorable one.

Generous pockets adorn the front of our bathrobes for wearers to store their personal items and keep them in close reach to them. As they prepare to go for a swim, shower or a therapeutic massage, they can simply use the hanger loop on their bathrobe to hang/store them.

Your guests won’t have to worry about getting a robe that doesn’t flatter their silhouette. Boca Terry’s gorgeous bathrobes come with double belt loops to allow for adjusting the belt height to meet one’s preferences. Our one-size-fits-all range is accompanied by some plus size options, as well.

Here are some of our most popular bathrobes made with an absorbent composition:

  • Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe
  • Hooded bathrobe
  • Microtec bathrobe
  • Microterry bathrobe
  • Mini Stripe bathrobe
  • Shawl Waffle bathrobe

By pairing any of these luxe bathrobes with essential spa accessories, you can expect to gain more loyal visitors.

  1. Chic Headbands

Along with setting the right relaxation aura with aromatic candles and soothing music, a spa should pay great attention to a myriad of details such as protecting guests’ hair as they get a facial or massage. That’s where Boca Terry’s modish headbands come in handy.

With an easy velcro closure, this spa staple will make it easier for your staff to provide a more laid-back experience as guests can keep wet hair out of their face. The best part about the usefulness of headbands is that guests can utilize them in their rooms, too, each time they want to apply make-up or even make some coffee.

Boca Terry’s headbands are great for guests to wash their faces with, too. We offer several types of fabrics including velour, waffle, and microfiber, with a one-size-fits most-build. You can choose the same fabric to match your bathrobe selection.

  1. Smooth Spa Wrap

In addition to headbands, spa wraps are also great accessories for completing your guests’ stay. They can be used as a replacement for towels for your guests to wear in the steam room or just while lounging in their rooms.

Boca Terry’s spa wraps are easy to put on and take off thanks to snaps they are equipped with to allow for securing the wrap and adjusting the fit to meet one’s preferences. Each wrap is accented with an elastic band so as to help keep it in place as the wearer moves around.

Guests won’t have to fret having to constantly adjust their towels. With the spa wrap, they can easily secure it into place. There are a few differences between spa wraps for men and women:

  • Men’s wraps:
  • Held in place at the waist.
  • Cover up to the mid-calf area to ease movement.
  • Only available in white in velour or basic waffle fabrics.
  • Women’s wraps:
  • Secured at the chest.
  • Stop below the knees to assure a cozy fit.
  • Available in white or ecru in velour, basic waffle, or microfiber variations.


  1. Plush Waffle Blanket

We use the same beautifully weaved fabric used to make our bathrobes to make our one-of-a-kind waffle blankets. Composed of 67% cotton and 33% polyester, Boca Terry’s waffle blankets are ideal for placing over your guests’ beds.

Whether your guests are going to sleep or just resting before going out, the waffle blanket is comfortable enough to lie over or under it. To accommodate several bed sizes, our blankets are available in three sizes including:

  • Twin (66” x 95”)
  • Full (80” x 90”)
  • King (108” x 102”)

Waffle blankets give spa beds, in particular, a gentler feel. So, your guests can really indulge in the feeling of excess coziness beyond their hotel rooms.

  1. Snug Slippers

Give your guests the ultimate spa fix with slippers to match their bathrobes and accessories. At Boca Terry, you’ll find different kinds of quality slippers including Open Toe, Closed Toe and Open Toe Velcro slippers.

Our Closed Toe slippers are available for men and women with PVC soles in these versions:

  • Terry
  • Microfiber
  • Basic Waffle
  • Microterry

Unisex variations with an EVA sole are available in terry and waffle fabrics. Boca Terry’s Open Toe slippers can be found in the same options with the addition of the Checkered fabric. The extra foam lining offers enhanced comfort.

The Open Toe Velcro slippers come in both Velcro Terry as well as Microfiber versions for both men and women. Your guests will have the peace of mind of walking with non-skid soles for an all-around comfortable fit.

Meet All of Your Guests’ Needs

With Boca Terry’s luxurious selection of bathrobes and spa accessories, your guests will be able to get into a world of pure leisure. Attend to their needs, while boosting your brand loyalty with customized pieces.

Boca Terry’s bathrobes and spa accessories can be personalized with intricately stitched emblems, logos, and more, for a truly original experience. For more information on our large assortment and how to place an order, call Boca Terry today.

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