Special Holiday Issue: Top 10 Bathrobes for Winter

Special Holiday Issue: Top 10 Bathrobes for Winter

Published on Dec 5th 2013

Special Holiday Issue - Top 10 Bathrobes for WinterAs always, when the holiday season rolls around, we at Boca Terry are right there to remind you of some of the best gifts you can give, either to yourself or to your loved ones.

The Beauty of a Well Made Robe

There is hardly anyone who can’t appreciate the beauty of a well-made bathrobe. Cuddling up in the warm embrace of a beautifully styled and impeccably stitched robe can be one of the great pleasures of the winter season. Coming in from the cold, taking a hot shower or bath, knowing that a sumptuous robe awaits you is the great reward for sometimes enduring less than desirable weather.

An Investment You Can’t Ignore

One of the questions we always ask ourselves is why people are often so reluctant to purchase a luxury bathrobe for themselves. Buying a gorgeous robe, whether for oneself or for others, is less of an indulgence than it is a necessity. Looking great in a robe that lasts is truly an investment in yourself or your customers that you cannot afford to ignore.

Putting Comfort First and Foremost

When it comes to wholesale purchase, there is nothing more important than paying attention to the quality of your robes. Your establishment depends on it. When you have luscious robes with which to adorn your guests, they don’t need much more to understand that you put their comfort first and foremost.

Priced to Satisfy Your Bottom Line

Whether you are a retail or wholesale buyer, choosing a top-tier bathrobe is the perfect way to express your understanding of quality. Our Boca Terry robes are designed for millionaires, but priced to satisfy anybody’s bottom line. Because we work with no middleman, we do not have to bring our prices up to meet extra fees. Our factory-direct merchandise goes straight to you, whether you are buying from our retail division or for hundreds of rooms in your hotel, spa, or resort.

Our Top Ten Choices

Here is a list of our ten top bathrobes for winter. Made in one-size-fits-all and appropriate for both men and women, these robes speak volumes about luxury, quality, styling, and value. Whether it’s for the friend who has everything, loved one who could use a robe upgrade, or the thousands of guests who will pass through your doors hoping for the best, purchasing any one of these exceptional robes will assure you a hearty and heartfelt thank you and a wonderful sense of having brought great pleasure to others over the holiday season.

Note: Our shawl and hooded Boca Terry robes are made with deep pockets for keeping sundries like keys and cellphones safe. Double belt loops allow you to adjust the robe for personal waist height, and a securely sewn loop behind and inside the neck area makes it easy to air-dry.

The Hooded Bathrobe

Rich and luxurious with an extra soft nap, this all-enveloping classic robe is made even more special by the Boca Terry touch. With perfectly woven loops that are created to instantly absorb and wick away moisture, you can enjoy top-of-the-head to the toes comfort, wearing one of our most popular styles.

The Classic Shawl Collar Bathrobe

Roll up sleeves and a sumptuous collar grace this Boca Terry favorite. Designed to let you sink right in, this robe is made with 100% combed cotton velour or terry fabric. Perfect in any setting, this is a robe that fits right in front of the fireplace after a long and lingering bath.

The Fleece Bathrobe

Coming in kimono or shawl collar styling, this robe is like the lightest cloud bringing you warmth that will hold off the chill on the coldest day. Made of 100% polyester with multi-needle stitching around the front, pockets, and cuffs, the Fleece robe is the perfect gift for the winter holidays.

The Basic Kimono

In 100% combed cotton velour or voluptuous terry, the perfectly administered multi- needle stitching around the pockets and cuffs create an elegant look for any body type.

The Kimono Waffles

The Boca Terry Waffles line is designed with small panels that function like washcloths to wick away moisture and keep you warm and dry. Made of 100% cotton or 67% cotton and 33% polyester, the Kimono Waffle bathrobe has a lean silhouette that is as harmonious as the Japanese traditional kimono it is styled after.

The Knit Waffle

Made of 45% cotton 45% modal and 10% polyester, you can order this robe in either the kimono or shawl collar style. With the soft, rich fibers that make this modal so ineffably comfy, you will sink into this robe like the best of feather beds to enjoy a comfort that is beyond imagination.

The Satin Stripe

With 100% polyester on the outside and a lining made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester French Terry knit, the Satin Strip redefines the meaning of “soft.” Order it in either the kimono or shawl style and winter will quickly become your favorite season.

The Velour Stripe

The one-inch vertical stripe pattern made of 100% combed cotton velour makes a stunning look for men and women. Warm and comfortable, this robe wraps around the body like it was made just for you.

The Organic Basic Kimono

With so many people requesting products that conform to the Green ethic, you can order this robe in 100% certified organic cotton velour or terrycloth. The multi-needle stitching around the front pockets and cuffs gives the robe a lovely finish that completes the vision of a classic style that is chic and contemporary.

The Organic Classic Shawl Collar

Another one of Boca Terry’s Green products, this 100% certified organic cotton velour or terrycloth robe will make you look like a movie star. Roll up the collar to warm the neck, dig your hands deep into the pockets, and strut around like you own the world.  You will certainly look and feel the part.

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