Special Wholesale Deals on Bathrobes and Towels for Bed and Breakfasts

Special Wholesale Deals on Bathrobes and Towels for Bed and Breakfasts

Published on Dec 20th 2012

embroidered robes for wholesaleWhen guests stay in a Bed and Breakfast it is because they are looking for a kind of hospitality that is more personal than they would find at a hotel chain. Bed and Breakfasts are known for providing greater privacy and character, with every room decorated in its own inimitable fashion. Usually located amidst a beautiful, natural setting, Bed and Breakfasts offer personal service that creates a unique experience for those who want to get away from it all.

Sensitivity to Detail

Providing your clientele with the right bathrobes and towels is one of the most essential ways that you display your care for their comfort. And because every room in your establishment has a character of its own, varying the style of your bathrobes and towels to suit each one is another sign of your sensitivity to detail.

Treating Guests Like Royalty

Everyone wants to feel unique. Knowing that a room and all of its amenities are one of a kind gives a guest the sensation of being treated like royalty. This kind of attention is what will set your Bed and Breakfast apart from the rest.

Supplying the Highest Quality Materials

At Boca Terry, we have been supplying Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, spas, and cruise lines with the most luxurious, well-crafted bathrobes and towels found in the market today. When we established our company in 1996 is was to dedicate ourselves to supplying the highest quality materials we could find, designing them with standards that are still difficult to find amongst our competition.

Tuned for Perfection

Our many years in the industry have given us exceptional vision when it comes to selection, design, and manufacture. All of our wholesale bathrobes and towels are woven at our factories where our quality control is tuned for perfection. Each piece is tested for its excellent stitching, its uniformity, and its durability, as we know that it must last for many, many washing drying cycles.

Luxury Products that Last Through Time

Because our craftsmanship is of such high standards, we guarantee luxury products that will last through time. With the long-lasting relationships we’ve cultivated with our fabric suppliers and the careful selection of every single employee, we are able to produce a luxury line, but at much less expense than expected.

No Superfluous Costs

Keeping our wholesale prices low is possible due to the fact that we have no middleman between our manufacturing enterprise and distribution. Every shipment is factory-direct, which means you are not paying superfluous costs to have exquisitely crafted materials.

Attracting Return and Recommended Vacationers

At Boca Terry, we know that every piece of material that you choose for your Bed and Breakfast is essential. We also realize that often bathrobes and towels are the first thing a guest remembers after a stay, and that choosing the right supply company is crucial in your ability to attract return and recommended vacationers.

A Varied Inventory

A pampered guest is always a happy one. Anticipating his or her needs is one of the most potent examples of great service. Providing hooded terry or fleece kimono bathrobes in winter for luxuriating around a hearth, a microterry robe to wick away moisture after a bath or shower, or a satin stripe robe for sipping a cocktail on the balcony when the weather is warm is an exquisite way to observe the details. Combining a few styles in your inventory to cover the seasons will serve you well as you demonstrate the meaning of comfort, which is what a vacationer expects.

Signature Styles

Here is a list of some of our signature styles to choose from when ordering for your Bed and Breakfast:

•    The basic kimono
•    The checkered bathrobe
•    The classic shawl collar bathrobe
•    The fleece kimono bathrobe
•    The hooded bathrobe
•    The kimono waffles
•    The knit waffle bathrobe
•    The micro chamois bathrobe
•    The microfiber bathrobe
•    The microtec bathrobe
•    The microterry bathrobe
•    The mini stripe
•    The pink kimono satin
•    The satin stripe
•    The shawl waffles
•    The velour stripe
•    The organic basic kimono
•    The organic classic shawl collar
•    The organic lightweight waffles

Creating Special Orders

At Boca Terry, we also will work with you to create special orders. Whether it is for special occasions, for plus sizes, for color, or to create a customized logo or emblem, we can make a distinctive bathrobe or towel that will add to your signature efforts, setting you apart from the crowd.

Built-In Features

Some of the built-in features you can expect in many of our models include hoods, a double belt loop that allows adjustment for waist height, deep pockets for hands and sundries, and a hangar loop for easy hanging on hooks to dry.

The Epitome of What a Good Towel Should Be

When it comes to towels, it is easy to see how we have perfected our weaving processes. Every towel in the Boca Terry inventory has been quality tested for its soft, absorbent, and durable texture, regardless of style. Sourcing our materials from all over the globe, we have found the best threads and employ the most effective techniques to supply you with washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets that are the epitome of what a good towel should be.  Easy to customize, we can make them in the color of your choice, with embroidered touches, and your logo or emblem.

Impeccable Service and Attention to Value

Impeccable service and attention to value is what has made Boca Terry’s reputation remain consistent throughout the years. With professional design experts available for consultation, we can help you design a custom bathrobe or towel that is as unique as your Bed and Breakfast.

Shipping Worldwide

With distribution centers in Florida, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, we can ship anywhere in the world. No matter where you are located, we are ready to provide you with special wholesale deals on bathrobe and towels for your Bed and Breakfast.

Contact Us

For more information on our special wholesale deals for your Bed and Breakfast, please contact us by filling out our online contact form, or by calling us at 877.421.6001.

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