StrawberriCurl’s First Giveaway! Jamilla Henna!

StrawberriCurl’s First Giveaway! Jamilla Henna!

Published on Apr 16th 2010

Hi all my lovely and wonderful readers, I will be giving away 2 boxes of Jamilia Henna to 2 lucky readers!


I am an avid Henna user myself and if you are unfamiliar with it, here are some of the benefits.

Since ancient times, mehendi (Indigo or henna) is been regarded as the one of the most auspicious herb that has been gracing various occasions of spirituality and celebrations in Indian subcontinent. Especially on the wedding occasion both brides as well as grooms are being decorated by tattooing mehendi (Indigo or henna) on their body. It is considered as a divine blessing to apply mehendi (Indigo or henna) on the body in all the celebration occasions. There is one more use of mehendi (Indigo or henna) that makes it more useful. It is one of the best herbal conditioner for hairs.

Benefits of mehendi

  1. Boosts hair growth
  2. Makes hair shine
  3. Makes hair black and lively
  4. Treats dandruff
  5. Aids restful sleep
  6. Therapeutic and calming
  7. Detoxifying
  8. Soothes headaches, aches, and pains
  9. Cools scalp and skin & reduces temperature
  10. Fights infection

The rules of the contest are as follows:

You MUST leave comments on articles on this blog!

You MUST be a fan on the StrawberriCurls facebook fan page! Leave a comment on this post so i will know you are a fan.


To increase your chances to when you can do the following as well:

  • Follow @MsLizziA on twitter, leave me a message on there, and retweet this giveaway to all your followers!
  • You can also follow this tumblr blog as well!
  • Contribute photos to the facebook fan page!
  • Add StrawberriCurls to your blog roll!
  • Really BIG chance to win if you blog about this giveaway on your own blog and add a premalink to this blog. (If you do so, come back and leave a link to the post on here)

NOTE: All winners will be selected randomly BUT  the more you do, the more i will notice you

This giveaway will end May 8th!

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