Summer in Illinois so far

Summer in Illinois so far

Published on Jun 8th 2011

Hey guys! Since i have been out here, i have been trying to do some self-development in more than one way.  Me and my sister have started working out and dieting every single day except on the weekend. I might even start running on the weekends because yes, i am that paranoid. I know i am supposed to give my body a chance to rest but sometimes i just feel like running.

We managed to get my mom to hop on board and get with the program so she has started to workout as well. She does 3x a week and she and I use to track our calories. My sister doesn’t know about the site yet, that’s the only reason that she isn’t on it yet. Even as i write this post i am sitting up here craving cake. Weird i know… i never just randomly crave cake.

Anyway, we went to Fox Valley River to look at the waterfall and it was hilarious because both my mom and my sister were freaking out from the bugs for no reason. I mean im afraid of bugs but i think they take it to a new level. We went to get ice cream and stuff. Nothing to big but it was a nice and relaxing day to say the least.

But when i run i do see some of the most beautiful sites that i have seen in a very long time. Sometimes i just sit there and stare at it all because i can’t believe how pretty it is. You just don’t find sights like this in a neighborhood in New Orleans. The hills are something else out here. They really make me push through my workout. Oh and then.. there are the infamous awkwardly changing sidewalks. Some sides of the streets don’t even HAVE sidewalks… what the hell man

When i was running it took me out my element. I was like WTF??? What happened to the damn sidewalk?? Well appertanly out here a side walk isn’t a priority. Eh to each his own i guess ~shruglife~. I sent this picture to all my fam and friends cuz i just couldn’t believe how they just opted out of adding more sidewalk.

We also went to a wedding where the bride and groom dressed up as Cinderella and the Prince. I wore a twistout that actually looked pretty good to say that i had been massacring those twist since i put them in. All i was basically doing was exercising then cowashing. I didn’t do it every day but it still looked pretty good to say it had been through the wire.

Ms.Janet and Mom ( She was a bridesmaid)

Cinderella and her Prince

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