The Best 10 Amenities for Your Senior Living Home

The Best 10 Amenities for Your Senior Living Home

Published on Jan 12th 2015

There are a number of amenities that senior living homes should offer their residents and guests. Want to know what your residents really want? Follow our tips so you can begin to offer the best amenities for your senior living home, too!

 1. An Indoor & Outdoor Pool

Whether you live in Alaska or Florida, accessibility to swimming is important for seniors. Not only is it a fun and easy way to pass the time, but it is a less painful way to undergo exercise and therapy. As we age, our gravity’s forces feel a bit more powerful against us: our joints may ache, or we may fall and have an injury. However, a swimming pool, a lake, or other calm bodies of water can help to alleviate some of the pressure felt by gravity, promoting good health and exercise.

2. Hot Tubs

Water is so important for seniors. In fact, a hot tub is another great idea to offer in a senior living home. It provides restful and therapeutic effects—from relaxing the muscles to minimizing aches.

3. Plush Towels

Any establishment with a popular pool and hot tub area will be in great need of towels—but not just any old flimsy towels. Today’s seniors have worked hard to get where they are, so treat them with value and respect. Offer plush, luxurious, top-of-the-line towels for them to enjoy after a dip. Here are some of our favorites:

        • Sunny Lane Collection– A classic collection of towels, this style comes available in washcloth, hand towel, bath mat, bath towel, and beach towel sizes. Made from absorbent 100% combed cotton terry, these towels are a popular choice in various establishments across the country.

        • Resort Collection– A beautiful take on a classic, our Resort Collection towels are luxurious, absorbent, plush, and perfect for your senior living home. This collection is available in washcloth, hand towel, bath mat, and bath towel sizes.

4. Spa Wraps

Although towels are going to be in high demand, offering spa wraps can be a way to diminish the overuse of towels. The problem with towels is that, not only do they tend to run out, but they are also susceptible to falling off when not tied or wrapped well. Save your residents the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction by offering easy-to-use, soft and convenient spa wraps!

5. Bathrobes

Retirement is a symbol of rest and relaxation. Nothing gets you closer to that than a great bathrobe! Whether at the pool or in the bedroom, a bathrobe is the perfect way to stay dry, covered, and warm while resting.

6. Purposeful Architecture and Design

Thoughtful design with big rooms, wide doors, and easily accessible elevators are a necessity in a senior living home. Honestly, one’s senior years sometimes call for less than glamorous living.

After years of experiencing life to the fullest, seniors are finally starting to slow down in their senior years. Some are even wheelchair bound at this point in life due to various injuries, pain, or sickness. That is why senior living homes must have a thoughtful design with seniors in mind.

7. Privacy, with Nearby Help

Seniors have lived a long life, and they know how to care for themselves—but their ability to actually do that at all times is the true concern. You never know what your residents will need, and having someone right around the corner to assist them in a time of need can be reassuring to seniors—especially those who are living alone. This is an important factor for the sake of safety, security, and health.

8. Comfortable Bedding

Top quality bedding and comfortable beds are key ingredients for a good night’s rest. That is why your residents will love our Waffle Blanket! It is just the right balance of warmth and being lightweight. Commit to their comfort and invest in the best wholesale waffle blanket on the market!

9. Slippers

Slippers are important to your residents for three reasons: They are warm, they are comfortable, and they are sturdy. Too many injuries occur from seniors slipping and falling, so the more you can do to prevent your residents from experiencing this, they better! Opt for a Closed Toe slipper to keep their toes warm, or an Open Toe Velcro slipper to offer adjustable tightness—but no matter what you do, ensure their slippers feature a non-skid sole, like all of Boca Terry’s slippers. You (and your residents) will thank us later.

10. Fun & Events

Along with retirement comes a lot of free time and you’ll want to ensure that your seniors have something fun to do all day! From golf and bingo to shows and festivals, your seniors will appreciate the fun and events that you incorporate into your establishment.

Boca Terry: Bettering Senior Living Homes

We already know that you are committed to quality in your senior living home, and you’ll be happy to know that we are committed to it as well. Just one touch of Boca Terry products and you’ll be amazed with our affordable, luxury quality products. If you are interested in ordering wholesale, or need more information about pricing, contact us today!

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