The Best Bathrobes and Slippers for Your Yacht Club

The Best Bathrobes and Slippers for Your Yacht Club

Published on Jun 7th 2016

The Best Bathrobes and Slippers for Your Yacht Club  

Members of prestigious yacht clubs look for getting a unique and exclusive experience that oozes luxury at every end of the spectrum.  Whether your yacht club is established by the sea or by a river, your members should feel comfortable visiting a lavish retreat they can easily unwind in.

Many yacht clubs have added spas to their charming list of amenities to create the perfect setting for relaxation. In addition, fitness centers that include steam rooms, saunas, and indoor and outdoor pools are on the agenda of many yacht clubs nowadays.

So with various clubs situated around the U.S., and around the globe, just how are these renowned institutions setting themselves apart from the competition? By offering their valued members with unparalleled client support and a range of amenities, like comfortable bathrobes and slippers.

Opening the Door to Quality

Boca Terry has been manufacturing bathrobes and spa products for over twenty years now. Our high level of expertise has allowed us to gain experience in separating the highest quality fabrics from those that are subpar to our high standards.

In addition to choosing the best materials, we’ve been partnering with various industries over the years ranging from hotel resorts to bed and breakfasts, as well as spas and yacht clubs. Collaborating with industries that call for varying preferences has given us the chance to enhance our know-how in delivering the most sought-after products.

We’ve developed long-standing relationships with top-notch suppliers, which has in turn paved the way for offering our quality products at competitive prices. Since we don’t use the help of any middlemen in the process, we have total control over our production and shipping processes.

All of our products must pass our quality control processes before exiting the doors of our overseas factories. Since we work with skilled designers and always remain up to date on the latest and most practical design schemes, our bathrobes and slippers come in numerous distinctive styles.

Bathrobes and Slippers That Thrall Luxury

Boca Terry’s variety of luxury bathrobes feature a one-size-fits-all composition to flatter different silhouettes, with plus sizes available on some models. Every robe also comes with double belt loops for adjusting the belt height. Different fabric weights are also available for some styles.

Each one boasts practical compartments including generous pockets that are perfect for storing personal belongings to keep them in close reach. Additionally, each bathrobe can easily be stored. Whether your club members prefer to have them hung in their yachts or you plan on stacking them, each robe is easy to fold and transport, too. A hanger loop comes on each style to facilitate storage.

Boca Terry’s bathrobes can all be matched with our open-toe and closed-toe slipper lines. Available in materials and designs ranging from terry to microfiber, every slipper also comes with a non-skid sole, making it extra safe for your club members to avoid any slips or falls. The extra foam lining on each slipper exudes additional comfort.

A Lush Assortment

Yacht clubs are known for creating an informal ambience where members can socialize freely. Make your club members feel special with bathrobes that perfectly fit in into any atmosphere, whether contemporary or traditional. The following are some of our top bathrobe picks for any high caliber yacht club:

  • Classic Shawl Collar Bathrobe – This bathrobe really is a timeless classic. Available in 100% cotton terry or velour, this smooth robe is plush enough to dry off in after a swim or shower. Flaunting an easy-to-roll-up collar and cuffs, the wearer can feel free to alter the style to their liking.
  • Hooded Bathrobe – Your club members can kick back and relax in a robe that’s perfect for any season. Whether they plan on wearing it on the yacht or in the club, this bathrobe will keep windy days and nights at bay, thanks to its extra large hood that offers enough coverage for warmth.
  • Knit Waffle Bathrobe – Boasting a 45% cotton, 45% modal, and 10% polyester build, the kimono and shawl collar versions of this robe perfectly complement the waffle pattern. Since modal fibers are even more durable than cotton, they allow for longer lasting comfort.
  • Micro Chamois Bathrobe – Add an imperial twist to your yacht club’s amenities with this lightweight and extra smooth alternative. Its 85% polyester and 15% nylon composition offers the flexibility and warmth yearned for in any environment.
  • Mini Stripe Bathrobe – Boasting a 100% cotton build, this intricately stitched bathrobe flaunts a refined look with a minimalist weave sealing the elegant finish. The shawl collar accents its plush makeup for all-around comfort in a covering garment, providing adequate privacy.

Not only can all of our bathrobes be matched with our slippers and spa accessories; all of our products can be customized, too. Adding custom embroidery to your bathrobes will enhance your yacht club’s brand’s presence and add the ultimate trace of luxury.

Our skilled designers can work with you to create the design of your choice. Whether you’d like to personalize robes and spa products for a special event, or you’d like to sell them in your yacht club boutique, Boca Terry can cater to your needs. Add a custom logo, monogram, or emblem to best portray your brand, while your club members are hugged by opulence.

Set Your Yacht Club Apart from the Rest

At Boca Terry, we pride ourselves in being perfectionists. We hold customer satisfaction as our highest priority and never cut corners when guaranteeing the highest quality products. Our large variety of bathrobes and spa products will allow you to make a huge difference in the visit or stay of your club members.

To learn more about our luxury products or how to place an order, contact Boca Terry today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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