The Difference Between Velour and Terry

The Difference Between Velour and Terry

Published on Jul 9th 2012

Bathrobes are essential elements of luxury and comfort at home or on a getaway. They always come in handy after a shower or a dip in the pool. They are blankets that provide the much-needed warmth and swaddle of the wearer while indulging their sensitive side. There are an array of bathrobes that cater for the needs of both men and women in a range of sizes, textures and fabrics.

Velour and terry are two of the most prominent fabrics used in bathrobes. Apart from bathrobes, these two materials also work for accoutrements like bath towels, draperies, slip covers and beach cover-ups. Velour is a French-based clothing material that came from Lyon in 1844. It has distinguished itself as a soft fabric with a pebbled touch. In contrast, terry cloth has its roots in England from where it emerged in 1850. It consists largely of cotton albeit it possesses other varieties like microfiber and bamboo.

Velour and terry fabrics also differ to the extent that the former becomes heavy and dense after absorbing water. This is contrary to the latter’s case as it develops a resistance to tug and wear after absorbing liquids. Their differences also extend to their modes of production. For instance, a velour-made bathrobe from Boca Terry requires satin or plain weave construction. This means that the bathrobes would most certainly attain a rough feel. In the case of terry, it consists of uncut loops that require double wrap yarns, yielding numerous tiny loops.

Velour is more tolerant to stretching than terry. This always establishes the former as a more flexible fabric than the latter. As such, a wet terry bathrobe can measure up to the rigors of pulling and stretching. This is not the case for velour bathrobes. Velour fabrics come across as lush and this influences their common uses in upholstery and clothing materials like towels and bathrobes. In contrast, the water absorption abilities of terry posit it as perfect fabrics for sporting clothes, nappies, toys and towels.

Most apparel manufacturers have taken up these fabrics as their most preferred materials for manufacturing clothing. Boca Terry, the biggest name in luxury bathrobes and spa accessories, provides velour and terry-made bathrobes. We are home to an assortment of luxury bathrobes, towels and spa wear.


A velour-made bathrobe from the firm contains 100% cotton velour as per its product description. It contains a vertical pattern of 1” stripe with a silky feel. The robes normally boast of a velvety look that belies the warmth-inducing and water-absorbing qualities for the wearers. These qualities make it a perfect clothing to pamper the skin. On the other hand, the microfiber terry is 100% poly with a 52” length shawl collar. Unlike the silky-centered velour bathrobes, the terry bathrobes have a plush feel to them. They are wrinkle-resistant and fluffy to guarantee enough warmth.

Regardless of the differences between the two materials, adorning these apparels makes for a pleasurable, comfortable experience…. an experience that has delighted Boca Terry’s customers both at home and in luxury hotels around the world. View the full range of luxury products at and find what you need to live and lounge in the lap of luxury.

If you have any questions or looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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