The Different Kinds of Custom Products Boca Terry Makes

The Different Kinds of Custom Products Boca Terry Makes

Published on Oct 6th 2015

The Different Kinds of Custom Products Boca Terry MakesIt doesn’t take much effort to convince anyone to wear a bathrobe or to enjoy a lovely, relaxing day at the spa with accessories tailored to perfect their experience. What better way to enhance such products than personalizing them with a unique design?

Whether you would like to immerse your guests into the comfort of your luxury resort’s brand, or you’d like people to notice your promotional products, Boca Terry has the customization options that can turn your design dreams into reality. The following are some customized products we produce.

Luxurious Bathrobes

Boca Terry’s super comfortable and stylish bathrobes have enough of the unique factor to make them stand out. Professional industries are notorious for being keen on keeping up with competition by making sure their brand gets noticed.

A bathrobe is not just a pillar of comfort, adding originality to your bunch of Boca Terry bathrobes can enhance one’s tranquility tenfold. We can add custom prints or a custom design to bring an additional sophisticated touch to any bathrobe.

For instance, if you would like to incorporate a sea-inspired print for guests to bring the therapeutic waves back to their rooms on your cruise line, Boca Terry can cater to your needs. You can opt for one of our Basic Kimono bathrobes, or you might prefer to go for a Microfiber bathrobe—whichever floats your boat!

You might want to order a range of bathrobes for a specific event. Whether it’s for a wedding or birthday party, you want your guests to have a memorable experience. Customized bathrobes make for modish and practical gifts that can be used over and over again, and can be utilized for just about any occasion.

Boca Terry doesn’t just apply personalized colors, prints, and trims to design perfection; we can also add your company’s logo or monogram to your bathrobes. Industries like hotels and spas commonly use this unique technique to make their guests’ stay more pleasurable—and it’s a great way to have visitors come back.

Offering a personalized bathrobe as a gift or souvenir is a great way to have your guests think of you or your brand, and their vacation for a long while after it’s over. Providing guests with a customized bathrobe shows guests how much you care about their comfort.

If you’re ordering a customized bathrobe for a birthday party, you can request one in honor of the recipient’s favorite color. Finish it off with extra customization by adding a monogram of their initials. A customized bathrobe can go a long way!

Ultra Soft Towels

Just like customizing bathrobes makes for a practical gift or brand image, so does personalizing towels. Customizing towels for a luxury resort or even a health center makes all the difference for guests.

Whether you order from our plush Resort collection or from our Sunny Lane collection, we can customize your towels to your liking. Boca Terry’s design experts can help you post your brand in the most appealing manner possible.

We work with a variety of industries including professional sports teams, retirement homes, and linen companies, to make sure star athletes, residents, and distributors get the quality they deserve. You can choose to print the name of your sports team on its colors or a design for the guests of a huge pool party calling for parting gifts.

Orders can be customized to the finest details. You may wish to order a terry washcloth, hand towel and/or bath mat along with a bath towel and bath sheet. You can choose to add color or just custom embroidery to any category of towels you plan on ordering.

Essential Accessories

Complete your beach resort with customized lounge chair covers from Boca Terry. Made of 100% cotton terry, these chair covers have clean edges hemmed on all three sides for a sleek finish.

You can choose between a fitted or elastic hood and add you custom embroidery along the top or the bottom of the chair cover. If you decide to go for a velour, striped cover with a fitted hood instead, you can also customize it.

If you’d like to subtly personalize your Boca Terry Waffle Blanket, you may do so, as well. It’s made of the same smooth waffle weave fabric we use to produce our bathrobes.

Are you looking into further sprucing up your spa? You can add your company’s monogram to either one of our headbands or spa wraps, regardless of which fabric you go for.

Last but not least, our beyond cozy slippers can also be customized with embroidery depicting your company’s logo. Choose between open or closed toe slippers, or open toe Velcro and request the details that’ll set your order apart from any other.

Why Should You Go on the Customizing Route?

No matter what you’re marketing, or if you’re focused on just bringing a smile to a guest’s face, the different products you can customize at Boca Terry can offer a variety of benefits for any user. You can distribute your brand image or give someone a gift to remember with the colors or prints of your choice.

Boca Terry works with several industries including, but not limited to:

  • Award Shows
  • Cruise Lines
  • Embroidery Companies
  • Golf Country Clubs and Pro Shops
  • Gyms and Massage Centers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Linen and Uniform Companies
  • Medical: Medi-Spas, Cosmetic Surgeons, Hospitals
  • Spas


With years of experience in the textile industry, our creative professionals have been working with an array of industries, small to large. We source our products from all over the globe and all our manufactured in our own factories based in several locations worldwide.

Our team can help you decide which customization method is right for you. So contact us today to find out how you can get the flavor of originality added to your Boca Terry products.


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