The Hair Length Obsession

The Hair Length Obsession

Published on Feb 8th 2011

Via Hair Gets Kinky 

Every time I see this picture? -____-

I feel a little frustration.

People were ooooooh-ing & aaaaaah-ing about how they couldn’t believe that Tyra’s hair was that long…

Are y’all serious?

All 11 strands of her hair straining to reach down her back?

Ok, ok…let me pull back a little bit. Don’t want to be stamped a “hater” or something.

I just wish people’s standards were higher and that there was more respect for hair HEALTH in general & not just an obsession with length. Maintaining healthy hair habits will result in length retention. But not everyone you see with long hair has healthy hair. I believe that some people’s hair can withstand more abuse than others so they may not see extreme hair breakage and loss as abruptly as others may.

Take me, for instance. My hair has been about the same length for the past several years. People would see my length and assume my hair is super healthy, but honestly…my hair care habits were complete trash.  I just think I’ve been blessed with strong and resilient hair. I probably deserve to be bald.

Now, Tyra? I know she has a relaxer so the volume of her when it is wet may not be impressive…even though I do think it could be better. I don’t know. Maybe she has really fine hair or something.

But are you all really impressed by this picture? Like seriously? Do we all want length that bad that we can let healthy hair standards fall to the side?

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