The Kid and her French Braid

The Kid and her French Braid

Published on Feb 14th 2011

So once again my spoiled little rugrat sister asked for another hairstyle. Her hair is very tightly coiled so i blow dry it every 2 weeks to avoid tangles. I used to let it air dry but not anymore and the only time that i do let it airdry is if i put it in braids 1st because i just got her ends trimmed and im not trying to have any set backs.

Anyway, she wore this French Braid on blow dried hair for about a week. Of course i had to redo it everyday ~rolls eyes~. I promise its like she goes to school in gets into fights on the playground because everytime she comes home, her hair looks like she was just rolling on the ground ~sigh~. But i digress, she will soon have her hair nice and out the way with some braid extenstions. Can you tell how excited i am about this?

She had been begging me to go by our uncle’s house for the weekend so she could play our cousin and i finally let her go. I was supposed to wash and detangle her hair but my day friday was sooo crazy that i just did not have time. So she just ended up leaving here on Saturday with a simple bun. All my aunt did was brush it up a bit while she was there.

I don’t like the idea of heat every 2 weeks but if i i keep it moisturized, it should have no ill effects on her hair.We shall see when we do a length check in maybe May? Yea but for now its low manipulation and moisture, moisture MOISTURE!  On a serious mission to retain her length.


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