The Loc’D Files: Nicholas "Lefty" Caldwell of Tha Cartel

The Loc’D Files: Nicholas "Lefty" Caldwell of Tha Cartel

Published on Feb 8th 2011

What is your name and what do you do?

Nicholas “Lefty” Caldwell 

How long have you been growing out your locs?

I will be 6 years deep this year, started growing them in early 2005 

Who is your loctician?

I started off with a lady by the name of Ms Jeana, but since she relocated to Houston I have keeping them up myself. Its been almost 3 years since.

What is your regimen for your locs?

My hair gets real dirty at work so I usually wash and re-twist it once a week. I condition it and I keep it greased on the regular.

Have your locs ever hindered you professionally?

As of now they haven’t, but once I graduate from school a lot of people really recommend me to cut them. I’m an engineering student.

Any advice to someone just starting out on their journey?

I started my hair off using bees wax, some people prefer the gel. Be patient during the locking process, growing your hair takes time. Another important thing is to try not to play in your hair, it’s a bad habit that took me long to grow out of! 

Where else can we find you?

I’m on Twitter (@thacartel504) or you can find me on Facebook ( 

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