The Right Free Gifts Can Lead to More Gym Membership Signups

The Right Free Gifts Can Lead to More Gym Membership Signups

Published on Feb 1st 2017

The Right Free Gifts Can Lead to More Gym Membership Signups on

Wholesale terry towels and five other ideas to think about

If you asked the average person if they want to lose weight and get in better shape, almost certainly he or she would say yes. Most people would probably agree that they eat a little too much or don’t exercise enough. However, if they’re being truthful, they would also admit that they don’t have any plans to improve their fitness.

As a gym owner, this is where you come in. It’s your goal to convince these folks to not only join a gym, but to join your gym. So, how do you do it?

With one of the oldest methods of getting anyone to do anything: by offering them gifts. Some of these items may just seal the deal:

Friend discount or free passes

Lots of folks enjoy working out with other people, and they might be more willing to sign up if they know they can bring a buddy with them. Offering to cut the price in half for a second membership could be the way to make it happen. A certain number of free day passes could also be an excellent incentive.


A free t-shirt is pretty customary for a new gym membership, but you shouldn’t stop there. Why not give them a whole outfit? In addition to the shirt, think about a sweatshirt, sweatpants, hat, and maybe even socks. They’ll love the new duds and every time they’re worn outside of the gym, you get some free advertising.

Ear phones/buds

Listening to music while working out is almost a requirement these days, which is why you may hear the expletives fly when somebody forgets to bring their headphones. A brand-new pair – especially a sweat-proof model – would be an excellent enticement to a prospective member.

Yoga mat

If somebody is considering joining your gym more for the classes than the weights and equipment, a yoga mat could be the perfect item. Even if they have their own mat already, nobody is going to turn down a free one.

Gym bag

Rarely does somebody show up to a gym without some sort of bag. These days, people carry an assortment of digital devices, along with wallets, clothes, water bottles, and anything else they’ll need. A nice roomy gym bag that will fit all of their gear would be much appreciated.

Wholesale terry towels (and perhaps luxury bathrobes)

While you probably already provide towels for members to use while working out or after showering, you may also want to offer one that they can take home and bring back. But it can’t just be any towel; it has to have excellent absorbency. This is for a couple of reasons. First, as you know, people get sweaty in a gym, as do the pieces of equipment utilized. For everyone to be happy, the towels used to wipe things down have to be effective at soaking up moisture. In addition, most gym goers have places to be, so they need to get dry from a shower in a hurry.

If absorbency is lacking in your towels, it’s time for an upgrade. Boca Terry towels are designed to have exceptional absorbency, which is why many gyms use ours exclusively. They’re also plush and soft – as are our luxury bathrobes and slippers – and they will make your members, and potential members, feel pampered.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please get in touch to learn about our wholesale pricing options.

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