The Shop of Luxury Bathrobes and Hospitality Amenities

The Shop of Luxury Bathrobes and Hospitality Amenities

Published on Jul 17th 2013

When we at Boca Terry opened our doors many years ago, our intention was to provide the hospitality industry with the highest quality products one could find within the industry. Here we are in 2013, having accomplished our goal and boasting top tier clients from around the world who recognize our commitment and passion to luxury materials.


Creating the Best Possible Experience for Your Guests


With over 50 years of combined experience in textiles and manufacture, everyone involved with our company is dedicated to producing the finest merchandise to help create the best possible experience for your guests. Using exceptional fibers in our weaving processes, we have trained our craftspeople to pay attention to every detail, where each stitch is made to last and every seam is made to pay tribute to our exceptional styling.


Defining Comfort, Ease, and Quality


From bathrobes to towels, slippers, spa wraps, headbands, and lounge chair covers, we are proud to supply hotels, bed & breakfasts, inns, spas, cruise lines, and even hospitals with a line that defines comfort, ease, and quality. Additionally, every one of our products is designed to endure the countless launderings inherent in the usage turnover within the hospitality industry.


An Essential Emblem of Customer Care


At Boca Terry, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to one of the most essential emblems of good customer care – the bathrobe. Designed for both men and women and made in one-size-fits-all, all of our robes are made to create the perfect silhouette for any body type. And if you need any kind of special order, such as plus sizes or a modification in style, we are here at your command.


A Gold Mine of Options


With our online catalogue, our discerning high-end customers are able to discover a goldmine of options when it comes to seasonal robes or those that fit any type of specific need. Whether you are shopping for a spa setting or to impress your guests with a sumptuous feeling the moment they step into their hotel room, we have a wide variety of bathrobe styles that correspond to every situation. Here is an example of some of the models we offer:

  • The basic kimono
  • The checkered bathrobe
  • The classic shawl collar bathrobe
  • The fleece kimono bathrobe
  • The hooded bathrobe
  • The kimono waffles
  • The knit waffle bathrobe
  • The micro chamois bathrobe
  • The microfiber bathrobe
  • The microtec bathrobe
  • The microterry bathrobe
  • The mini stripe
  • The pink kimono satin
  • The satin stripe
  • The shawl waffles
  • The velour stripe
  • The organic basic kimono
  • The organic classic shawl collar
  • The organic lightweight waffles


Securing Your Place at the Top


As a one-stop-shop for all hospitality amenities, our sumptuous towels are another example of our mission to improve guest experience and helping to promote your brand. With the popularity of online ratings as a system for potential guests to determine whether to go to your establishment or another, choosing top-tier materials is a surefire way to secure your place at the top.


Beautiful Additions to Your Guests’ Experience


Our reputation does not stop at our exquisite robes and towels. Our custom-made hotel slippers are created as a beautiful addition to your guests’ experience with their comfortable fit that keeps the foot cozy and snug.


The Importance of Continuity


We believe that continuity is one of the most important aspects in promoting and maintaining a business. This means that every element associated with your brand has to be impeccable, from the tiniest and seemingly most insignificant object to the grandest statement you can make. When your robes, towels, and other amenities are made to perfection, there is no denying that your commitment to giving your guests the very best is above and beyond any other exigency.


Maintaining and Attracting Clientele


Well-made luxury products show your guests that you are interested in pampering them. And of course, this is why people come to your establishment. In the interest of helping you maintain and attract your clientele, we make sure that our merchandise remains affordable, allowing you to place orders without the worry that they will exceed your budget.


Keeping Our Prices Competitive


Because we do not operate with a middleman, we are able to keep our prices extremely competitive. Additionally, our factories and distribution centers are operated by a competent staff that is highly trained in providing the best possible customer service, assuring that all of our deliveries arrive on time.


Collaborating on Custom Designs


Our expert designers are available to answer any questions you may have regarding what you require in the way of style and fabric. They are also on hand to collaborate with you on custom designs that help define your brand, be it via your logo or a special design. If you have a specific event that needs commemorating, such as a honeymoon or bridal shower, we will also help you create the right look in keeping with the celebration.


Contact Us Today


With direct access to our luxury bathrobes, towels, and other hospitality amenities through our online shop, you can easily place your orders as you peruse our beautiful array of photos and descriptions. For more information on our shop of luxury bathrobes and more, please contact us today using our online form or by phone at (877) 421-6001.

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