The Top 10 Bathrobes for the Holidays

The Top 10 Bathrobes for the Holidays

Published on Nov 5th 2019

An incredible robe can keep you warm, comfortable, and make your holidays more charming. It's additionally a little extravagance—something to spend lavishly on, only a bit. In the wake of going through 75 hours inquiring about and wearing 23 robes in about six unique materials, we've picked nine seasonal favorites that we love for their non-abrasiveness, style, solace, and reasonableness.

We tried unisex robes and created our list with choices that include robes for both men and women. Our picks incorporate those produced using microfiber material, a spa-style waffle kimono, warm wool (for grown-ups and for kids), supersoft extravagant, lightweight microtec, breathable satin, a lush velour, and smooth knit diamond. In case you don't know which suggestions works for you, or in case you're purchasing a present for another person, we additionally talk about how to pick a robe. We concentrated on comprehensive measuring and various shading alternatives at every possible opportunity.

The Top 10 Robes for the Holidays

We start our holiday robe wish list at number 10 and work our way up to our number 1, top pick:

10. Satin Kimono Bathrobe

9. Micro Chamois Bathrobe

8. Waffle Shawl unlined Bathrobe

7. Organic Bathrobe

6. Terry Bathrobe

5. Velour Bathrobe

4. Checkered Bathrobe

3. Microfiber Shawl Bathrobe

2. Mini Stripe Shawl Bathrobe

1. Microfiber with plush lining Shawl Bathrobe

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