Then and Now: NoVella

Then and Now: NoVella

Published on Dec 16th 2010

Whats your name? NoVella

When did you get your 1st relaxer? I was 11. 

Did your mom get it down or did you ask for it to be done? I begged for my hair to be relaxed because I was so sick of ponytails and I could wear my hair out without it getting tangled and being all big only to get the relaxer and wear MORE ponytails than I did before the relaxer. SMH! Didn’t know better!

If you have kids, would you relax their hair? Why or why not? I wouldn’t at a young age, but if they decide when they’re older, maybe 13 or in high school, they would have to be able to maintain and care for their hair properly on their own.

Have you ever been able to recover the length you had as a kid whether relaxed or natural? Well I haven’t been natural that long but my hair is now the same length it was (pressed out) when I decided to go natural, I’m trying to get it to the length it is in that pic and then recreate the pic. *fingers crossed*


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