This Stylish Bathrobe, Once Belonging to John Lennon, Could Be Yours

This Stylish Bathrobe, Once Belonging to John Lennon, Could Be Yours

Published on May 1st 2015

Even the most loyal of fans never expected what is about to be said here:

From May 12-16, fans have the option to bid on a bathrobe once belonging to musical icon, John Lennon.

Surprisingly, bathrobes were a significant item for John Lennon for various reasons. If you read last July’s Robe Report, you’ll recall the article pertaining to the Beatles’ famous photo in which they playfully posed during a genuine, un-staged pillow fight.

This moment seemed to capture the youth and excitement the band had been experiencing at this time in their careers, and was taken just before the band’s career was going to take off. This bathrobe photo documents a significant period in their lives.

Bathrobes played another significant role in John Lennon’s lifetime, relating to his marriage and personal life.

During John Lennon’s first marriage to Cynthia Lennon, a bathrobe was the final straw that brought the end of their relationship. According to the LA Times, “The marriage finally came apart when [Cynthia] came home from a trip to find artist Yoko Ono dressed in her bathrobe in the house.”

This monumental moment struck a chord with Lennon’s first wife, signifying that the relationship was not worth mending. Sadly, today actually marks one month since Cynthia’s passing.

As you can see, bathrobes played a pivotal role throughout John Lennon’s life. It’s hard to believe that one of John Lennon’s own bathrobes will be up for auction this month. The bathrobe is estimated to be sold for about $9,000–$10,000. Many fans, however, believe that this opportunity is priceless.

The auction will showcase other items owned by famous musicians, including a beautiful turquoise ring once owned by the late Jimi Hendrix and a face cage worn by pop star, Lady Gaga.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own some of these precious mementos. And, hey, if the John Lennon bathrobe isn’t in your budget, you can always settle for something a bit newer from Boca Terry.

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