Tips for Your Hotel: Improving Guest Experience

Tips for Your Hotel: Improving Guest Experience

Published on May 28th 2015

Tips for Your Hotel: Improving Guest Experience 

Hotels are in the business of guest experience—which can be affected by several factors, including customer service, comfort, cleanliness, value, and the quality of items used in the rooms. Want to know a few ways that you can help boost your customers’ satisfaction? Follow these tips from your friends at Boca Terry:

1. Take Surveys or Polls

Learn about your guests. Find out about their expectations and experience. Then, go out of your way to address concerns and deliver a better experience, improving future guests’ experiences!

You can also work to make amends with any dissatisfied customers along the way by contacting them via the survey’s contact information. This offers the opportunity to find a way to make up for any shortcomings with a refund, discounted rate for a future stay, or any other special promotion that you see fit.

Just as any company must know and understand their target demographic, the hospitality industry is no exception.

  1. Offer Better Amenities

Better bathrobes and slippers are a great way to reward you customers for booking one of your rooms! It shows your appreciation for them while highlighting your care for their comfort and well-being. Improve their experience with this simple, budget friendly gesture.

If you decide to do so, be sure to opt for an affordable, luxury brand. Why is that so important? Well, guests will know the difference—but your wallet won’t!

Some of our favorite picks are the Microfiber Bathrobe, the Lightweight Waffle Robe, and our Hooded Bathrobe. You might even want to invest in all three bathrobes, depending on your location (and the seasons that your guests will endure throughout the year). Truly stand out above the rest by offering guests this option.

  1. Improve or Upgrade Facilities When Needed

If your decorations are lackluster and your services are lacking in inspiration, it might be time for a facility makeover. Improve the look and feel of your establishment with renovations or upgrades as needed. Even if an entire overhaul is not in the budget, then try to consider small ways that you can increase guest satisfaction. Need some tips?

Offer a new service at your hotel’s spa area—and of course, offer guests the treat of a luxury, high quality spa wrap! You won’t regret this choice—and neither will your spa-goers.

Who knows? With word of mouth and improved ratings online, your simple spa services could skyrocket in popularity!

  1. Increase Comfort

Just as much as you are in the business of customer service, you are also in the business of comfort. Now, what ways can you improve guest comfort? Beds are a huge factor when it comes to hotels. While location, amenities, activities, and price all play a factor in your bookings, almost no one is going to recommend or return to a hotel with an uncomfortable bed!

Here are some tips:

  • Invest in pillow top mattresses or mattress covers.
  • Allow guests to adjust heating and cooling in their individual room to enhance their comfort.
  • Invest in top quality towels—many hotel guests are sick of bargain brands.
  • Make sure your rooms and bathrooms are spotless—and that all previously linens, towels, and soap bars are removed from the room. Sometimes your workers can’t tell whether or not a towel or linen was used. Make it policy to change these items between guests each and every time.


In fact, the basic premise of a hotel is to provide guests with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Comfort is key. That’s why Boca Terry’s Waffle Blanket is the right choice for your establishment. This innovative idea is the best of both worlds. This blanket is lightweight and breathable, yet soothing and comforting.

Plus, for added comfort, this blanket is easy to wash. Your guests will have comfort in the peace of mind that their blanket is freshly cleaned. Additionally, this blanket comes available in multiple sizes, so there is almost always a perfect size for each room in your hotel!

  1. Never Skimp

Guests do not want to be left at the pool without a towel nearby! Make sure you stock up on high quality towels so they can swim and relax in peace—knowing that they won’t have to air dry!

Boca Terry: Helping You Improve Guest Experience, One Tactic at a Time

We are completely dedicated to helping you ensure your guests get the most out of their experience. If you are ready to do the same, then you’ll want to contact us! If you have any questions about pricing, or to place a wholesale order, contact Boca Terry now!



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