Top Spa Massage Therapy Trends on the Rise

Top Spa Massage Therapy Trends on the Rise

Published on Mar 31st 2016

spa daySo you’ve had a really hectic week and are waiting for that moment when you can finally unwind and free your mind. What could be more ideal than getting a soothing massage treatment to relax?

Nowadays, spas are going the extra mile to offer guests a unique and memorable experience. Whether you own one or plan on attending one, here are some trends to keep on your radar.

A Focus on Wellness

Sudden unexplained aches and pains are largely being treated with particular approaches including acupuncture and medical-related practices. Professionals who specialize in body movement are widely taking the lead in minimizing stress.

Weight management practices are also becoming part if the phenomenon, with dietary supplements being offered. Many are also incorporating time set apart for clients to sleep during or between massages.

A Personalized Experience

Many spas are catering to their clients’ needs with treatments that are more specific to their preferences and conditions. For instance, different scents can be more personalized. Additionally, many massage companies are bringing the spa to their clients’ locations—even if they need to go to a less conventional location.

You’re probably more familiar with massage companies visiting customers in the comfort of their homes. Now, these companies are going to business locations where clients can feel more comfortable getting their massage done—whether it’s a retail store or a hair salon.

Natural Treatments

Eco-friendly treatments are also on a surge. Many spas and massage centers are using organic products to pamper their clientele with, while promoting a more environmentally sound ambience.

Therapists are using everything from organic lotions to oils and bathrobes as well as spa accessories to ensure a green experience. Additionally, therapists are keeping their guests well informed about the healthy products being used, including their ingredients and benefits.

As far as how the future is looking, these trends don’t seem to be going anywhere for the moment. Natural and simple products and services will continue to be on high demand with more advancements on the way.

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