Market Your Brand with Custom Products

Market Your Brand with Custom Products

Published on Dec 12th 2014

Top Ways to Customize Your ItemsCustomization is all around you: from your shirt logo to the symbol on your workout shoes. Customization and embroidery are a crucial part of marketing and branding. Want to know more information about customizing, along with some excellent ways to customize your items? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Customization Counts

You might wonder, “Why customize?” The short answer is that it is likely to bring more attention to your company, while enabling customers and clients to relate to the brand.

In essence, customization allows customers to connect with the brand, feel part of the brand, and to think about the brand more than they otherwise would. Here is why you should consider customization for your company, today:

• Guests will associate your brand with the top quality that Boca Terry offers; when they see your logo, name, or a symbol associated with the brand on a luxury product, they will understand and value your company’s commitment to quality.

• Guests will also associate your company with the good memories made during their time using your services or facilities. When they see your logo, they will recall the relaxing or comforting time they had while wearing a plush robe, or the fun they had in the water as they dry off with an embroidered towel. Why? Because, the last time they saw your logo, that is where they were and what they were doing!

• You can offer a customized or embroidered robe or bath towel to guests as a thank you gift — especially for long-term or returning guests. Each time they don their robe, they’ll recall the time spent at your establishment. Not only that, but they will also view your company as customer service-oriented, which can be beneficial to business.

This is a great way to connect with customers while attracting them — and those that they know! They might recommend you to a friend, return again at a later date, or even write a glowing online review (which is very powerful by today’s standards). Regardless of their reaction, the odds are in your favor by offering them a special gift.

These are all ways that customization is key to owning, operating, and growing a business. Entrepreneur Magazine asks, “how does a business get noticed and stay relevant? The answer: visual elements. Human beings are wired to react to pictures much more so than text alone” (Gasca). This alone shows how important logos, images and branding have become to the modern day company. If you are new to branding and marketing, and you are thinking about getting noticed, staying relevant, and being remembered, customization is a step in the right direction.

How to Customize

Customers ordering retail items can personalize through having an item embroidered. However, our wholesale customers benefit even greater from customization services. Not only do we embroider, but we can also customize further with patterns, colors, and the like. We aim for affordability and quality in everything we do — and personalization is no exception.

Simply contact us about customization services during the wholesale ordering process. We offer not only embroidery (to attach your logo, monogram, or motto to our products), but also further customization is available. Choose from custom prints and designs for your bathrobes, towels, or slippers. We even offer jacquard; stand out from the crowd with this beautiful, elegant customization.

How it Works

If you are considering customization, there are a few things you should know before ordering. While we do offer quick shipping on regular orders, customizing a product does take a little longer, as we will make each item to order.

Also, for custom or embroidered products, all original embroidery and custom design originates from our corporate headquarters in South Florida. Once you approve the initial prototypes, they are sent overseas for product sampling. This process is necessary to ensure that you receive the exact product that you are in search of.

Fan Favorites

While many Boca Terry items can be personalized, some of the most popular customized products are:

• Bathrobes: Whether you opt for the Basic Kimono, the Checkered Bathrobe, or the Satin Stripe Bathrobe, a customized, embroidered bathrobe is just a few clicks away.

• Towels: Choose from our Sunny Lane Collection or our Resort Collection for a luxury quality robe that is customized to represent your establishment!

• Slippers: No matter the industry you serve, everyone loves a good pair of slippers. Embroider your logo onto a fresh pair of slippers, and your guests will be more comfortable than ever before.

These are typically customized by resorts, hotels, cruise lines, and spa centers, along with other industries that want to see products made just for them.

Boca Terry: Customization Made Simple

Now that you know the various options for customizing your affordable, luxury quality Boca Terry products, you know what to do! Review our customization and embroidery pages to see examples of our work. Contact us today with questions about wholesale pricing, or to place an order!

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