Towel Wraps for College Girls

Towel Wraps for College Girls

Published on Sep 1st 2013

Going away to college for the first time can be an incredible thrill, especially since it is usually the first time a girl is living away from home. Knowing what to bring in order to make the most of dorm living is an essential, as students are generally given only a bare minimum of creature comforts by the institution itself.


On and Off Like a Breeze


At Boca Terry, we recognize the importance of having a favorite robe, towel, and slippers near at hand to help you feel at home wherever you are. With the lack of private baths in dormitories, communal showers are often a walk down the hall. This means that one really needs to wrap up going to and fro, and what could be better than a towel wrap that goes on and off like a breeze?


Looking Stylish and Feeling Secure


Boca Terry towel wraps are ideal for college girls who want to look stylish while giving them just the right amount of privacy. Unlike a towel, a wrap snaps on securely, never slipping or changing position.


Fine Quality Materials the Fit Just Right


Our luxury towel wraps are made with the finest quality materials that feel soft and cozy against the skin. Made in a one-size-fits-all, you can also order a plus size to cover a more ample figure. A beautifully designed fit, our models go from just under the armpit to just above the knee, measuring 32” long, which is just enough to create the perfect cover-up in any situation.


Providing the Ultimate Freedom


The beauty of a towel wrap is that it keeps the arms free. Without the bulk of a robe, our towel wraps provide the ultimate freedom, whether it is in the shower or bath area or for use at a pool party for a little cover-up over a wet bathing suit. What a cute way to romp around without having to change into shorts or a sundress!


Attention to Detail


A Boca Terry towel wrap is created with the utmost attention to detail. With carefully sewn in elastic, it hugs the body without pinching, and the adjustable snaps allow for a tighter or looser fit, as necessary. Several Fabric Selections Coming in several fabric selections, you can choose between a cotton blend made of 67% cotton and 13% poly waffle, or a 100% poly microfiber with a delicately woven French Terry lining. Both models use long fibers for the ultimate in absorbency, and are created to hold in creams and oils to keep the skin as soft as silk.


Our Organic Wrap


For those who are sensitive to inorganic materials, we also carry an organic wrap that is made of 100% cotton. Here we carefully source seeds that are non-GMO to ensure that our product is eco-friendly from the very ground up. The cotton is grown without pesticides or other toxins that could possibly affect the skin later on. Additionally we make sure that no dyes, resins, or bleaches are used in the production process, guaranteeing you a perfectly Green product that goes hand in hand with our increasingly eco-friendly approach.


Feeling Confident While Remaining Modest


College girls are always looking for new ways to look good. Whether it is walking down the hallway to the bathroom or past a row of great looking guys poolside, making a great impression is important at this age. When a girl can put on a great looking towel wrap it shows that she is confident in herself. Where a robe hides all, a wrap reveals just enough while remaining modest.


Putting the Basics in Place


Going to college means packing an array of toiletries that will be essential throughout the year. From a good hair dryer to all of the fundamental cosmetics and lotions, it is a good idea to gather everything necessary before that first day’s arrival. Once the basics are in place, replenishing them when necessary becomes easier.


Creating the Right Atmosphere


Identifying the most important elements to take to a dorm is key. Sheets, towels, blankets, and other materials that will help create an environment that is comfortable and inviting is a way to establish a foundation that allows a college girl to focus on her studies. When she is well provided for, there is less stress, which in turn creates a good atmosphere for the tasks at hand.


Defining True Luxury


We have spent many years learning about what defines true luxury. We have come to the conclusion that true luxury is the elimination of stress through the provision of sumptuous comfort that comes with using the highest quality materials for production. At Boca Terry, we keep refining our luxury products to ensure the highest degree of contentment from our clients. Whether you are a top tier hotel, a high-end spa, an exotic cruise line, a retail customer, or a young woman going off to college, we design our products with you in mind. Our mission is to help make the world a better place by giving people the best, which is what every single person deserves.


What College Girls Deserve


College girls deserve to feel adorable, sexy, trendy, fashionable, comfortable, and perfectly covered-up when they need to be. Our towel wraps fit this bill perfectly, which is why we always see a rise in sales just about the time that colleges and universities open their doors for the new school year.


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