Travel and Vacation Trends for Summer 2017

Travel and Vacation Trends for Summer 2017

Published on Jun 30th 2017

Each summer, the hospitality and travel industries gather data from search engines and booking sites to determine where travelers are choosing to spend their vacation time. Brian King, a Global Officer with Marriott International, claims that this season’s travelers are opting for summer package deals, planning longer trips, and considering bringing their pets along. Below are four additional tips regarding the top travel and vacation trends for summer 2017.


Leaving the Northeast Behind

The vicious snowstorms are long over, but the northeastern region of the U.S. is still eager for a retreat. 42% of Northeasterners are taking a full week off from work this season—less so in the South, West and Midwest. And where are those northern birds flocking to? We can’t be certain, but it might be one of these top-searched destinations: New York, Orlando, Chicago or San Diego. You know what San Diego doesn’t have this summer? Snow.


Millennials Opt for the Beach

This year, millennials are aching for some sunscreen on their nose and sand between their toes. According to Marriott International’s Travel Trends Report, 55% of millennials—persons born between 1982 and 2004—are arranging a beach trip sometime this summer. In addition, over 33% of millennials are expecting to visit a state or national park before the fall. Whether it has anything to do with the increasing popular of the @NationalParkService Twitter account is yet to be determined.


Married Couples Parade About

Deciding how one should celebrate July 4th is almost as entrenched a tradition as Independence Day itself. There’s no shortage of options: barbeques, ball games, concerts, camping, festivals… the list goes on and on. But married couples, as it turns out, are three times as likely as their single counterparts to attend a parade this year. Some cities go all out for our nation’s independence—Wentzville’s Liberty Fest in Missouri is not to be missed—but the real draw is undoubtedly the family-friendly atmosphere and activities before, during and after the parade.


Bathrobes Are In… Again

Were bathrobes ever “out?” Of course not. But according to style experts, luxury robes are “in” now more than ever. Robes were the hit at Coachella. Robes stole the show at Fashion Week. Robes are, in a word, #trending.


So, wherever you may journey to this summer, however you may choose to celebrate, follow the summer fashion trend and do it in a robe. Whether it’s an ultra-soft Chamois Microfiber Bathrobe… or an airy, runway-ready Pink Kimono Satin Robe… you’re bound to steal the show.

Article Source: Beyond the Beach: Marriott International Reveals Top Trends in Inaugural Summer Travel Trend Report 2017


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