TWA Cuties: Jameka aka Cookie

TWA Cuties: Jameka aka Cookie

Published on Jan 25th 2011

One of my favorite twitter followers but don’t tell her i said that yall …. @Boyseatcookies

When did you do the Big Chop?

June 18, 2010

Have you ever had hair this short? If not, how does it affect you mentally?

Yes this is actually my 3rd natural life attempt…

What are your staple products?

Products I like are the kinky curly gel, Olive Oil Conditioner

Whats your regimen?

 Basically I’m ultra busy so I normally deep condition it every three weeks w/some type of daily moisture

Whats your favorite hairstyle?

The twist out curls…

What are your hair goals?

Hair goals are to stay natural as long as I can I want obnoxiously big hair

Have you received any negative comments about your hair?

The only backlash I get is the hair dying outrageousness I sometimes attempt!

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