TWA Cuties: Keyona Sneed

TWA Cuties: Keyona Sneed

Published on Jul 16th 2010

When did you do the Big Chop?
I did my BC on May 5, 2010

Have you ever had hair this short? If not, how does it affect you mentally?

I have had hair that was short, but never THIS short. And the way that it affects me mentally varies from day to day… at first when I would wake up with the short hair I’d ask myself WHAT DID I DO??? Those days have def passed…Now I wake up and when I look in the mirror I feel beautiful…I love to dress up my TeenyWeenyAfro! This is the first time where I can look at me and really Love and appreciate ME…I’m not hiding behind long weaves, dramatic hair color or strait hair. So mentally I’m in a very happy place and I Finally feel ANYTHING is attainable…

What are your staple products?
As of now I don’t have a staple, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the way Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Condition makes my hair feel like silk, it also give me great second and third day hair which is rare

Whats your regimen?
My regimen is so RANDOM just like me! Ummmm but usually at the start of the week(Mondays) I will shampoo and condition my hair and let it air dry…By wed or thurs I need to co-wash it so I use either Suave coconut or V05…I try to deep condition once a month using warm coconut V05 mixed with EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) and honey.
At night I sleep with a satin bonnet(when I can remember)

Whats your favorite hairstyle?
My favorite hairstyle right now is my CurlyHawk LOVE this!!! Esp when I’m going out for a night on the town…

What are your hair goals?
My hair goals are to have a HUGE curly FRO!!! (Like Corinne Bailey Rae)

What do you love most about your TWA?
I Love how beautiful I feel when I look in the mirror and the convenience of the wash’n’go!!

Have you received any negative comments about your hair?
I have had to deal with alot of negativity since I made the decision to go natural. The crazy part about it is that most of the negativity is from family and close friends of mine who don’t agree with my decision.

Initially I didn’t think it would be as bad, and they would come around but they for some reason have convinced themselves that I made a huge mistake by cutting all of my hair off and deciding to be natural.

A guy I was dating  told me before I decided to go through with it that he didn’t think women with short hair were attractive and he’d much rather prefer me with long strait hair… needless to say he and I are no longer dating. Along with his criticism I also received comments from mostly black men who don’t find natural women as attractive, which is odd to me considering the fact that most natural women to me are so much more beautiful and confident than women who choose to relax their hair.

I have nothing against women who choose to relax their hair, but for me before I went natural I felt like I had to keep up with society and their opinion of beauty. I  no longer feel that way. I love myself so much more than I ever have in life. This feeling is truly unique and I’m thankful for this experience.

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