Unique Ideas for Promotional Products

Unique Ideas for Promotional Products

Published on Apr 1st 2014

Unique Ideas for Promotional ProductsToday, promotions and giveaways are some of the most effective methods of marketing. By choosing appropriate products that prominently feature a company logo, you make yourself better known amongst a public that might not have heard of you quite yet. Additionally, you cement relationships with your loyal customers as they identify your brand with the generosity inherent in free merchandise.

Properly Representing Your Brand

If you are a hotel, bed & breakfast spa, resort, casino, or any other hospitality establishment, then you want to think about what type of promotional product will properly represent your brand while bringing pleasure to the recipient. We believe that this product should be unique, functional, and luxurious.

Your Attention to the Details

You are, after all, in the business of making people’s lives more comfortable. By offering guests a respite from the stresses of life, you offer a place where they can be catered to, where they can relax, where they can trust in your attention to the details.

Reflecting What You Stand For

Continuing with this theme, our recommendation for unique promotional products always falls within the realm of merchandise that reflects what you stand for. A sumptuous bathrobe, a fluffy towel, a luscious pair of slippers, or a simple headband that keeps hair and perspiration off the face are just the things to make your public sit up a little bit straighter and pay attention.

Elevating Your Brand

Our client list includes some of the most prominent hotel chains and spas, popular resorts, precious bed & breakfasts, and thriving casinos. Additionally, we work with many promotional companies, supplying all with top quality products that go a long way when it comes to making a brand indelible in public consciousness. With a beautifully embroidered logo, design, or monogram, we are able to help our customers who want to elevate their brand make that leap from a name in the background to a household word.

Appropriate to Your Event

When considering the appropriate promotional giveaway, it is essential to consider the type of event you are hosting, as well as the demographic you are targeting. For example, you don’t necessarily want to give a simple gift to purchase managers who are not yet completely in your pocket. Here you want to show them your aesthetic, your generosity, and your sensitivity to what makes a difference. A beautifully designed unisex bathrobe modeled to wrap around the body just so, in a fabric that caresses, would create just the right tone.

High End Promotions

Boca Terry robes have become the number one choice when it comes to high end promotions. There are a range of styles to choose from, most of which come with either luxurious shawl collars and roll up sleeves, deep pockets, and double belting for perfect waist height adjustment. You can also select an elegant Kimono style, with a line that elongates the body, creating an elegant silhouette no matter the body type of the wearer. Another possibility is the classic and always popular hooded terrycloth robe. With an ample hood to cover wet hair and a drape that is like being held in a cozy embrace, these robes are made with exceptional looping techniques that guarantee dryness and comfort. What a perfect giveaway for spa executives or an exclusive party at your spa designed to attract a high end clientele.

A Great Towel Goes a Long Way

A great promotional gift for buyers and potential guests is an impeccably made Boca Terry towel. Being in the business for so many years has allowed us to evolve our manufacturing and production techniques in order to provide exceptionally made fabrics, looped and woven by employees who have been trained to detect the finest defect. With quality control always our priority, every towel that leaves our factories has been inspected with the proverbial fine tooth comb to ensure that our clients receive the best. Imagine a sumptuous towel made to wick away moisture from the skin at the first touch, drying you instantly with a fine caress. With your brand logo expertly embroidered, recipients will never forget that the sensation they get from using this towel comes from your establishment. The psychological connection is obvious.

Slippers For Comfort and Thoughtfulness

Our Boca Terry slippers say a lot when it comes to comfort and thoughtfulness. Like slipping your feet into clouds, a pair of these beauties is just the thing for a trip to the shower, bath or Jacuzzi, as well as ensuring your feet are dry right after a dip in the pool. If you are a spa, offering a pair as a promotional giveaway is just the right way to advertise the attention you are known for, providing your guests with that little extra that can mean so much. With your logo embroidered on the front of each slipper, there is no better way to advertise. Once in the home of the wearer, every step will be a reminder of your generosity and sense of style.

A Beautiful Headband

If your budget or audience calls for a simpler gift, then a Boca Terry headband is just the thing to call your brand to attention with authority and without too much fanfare. With seams sewn to perfection and a beautiful feel to the fabric, this is the perfect giveaway if you offer a spa setting, any kind of sport such as tennis or golf, or if your establishment includes an on-site gym. Offering a headband with your logo invites people to feel like they are a part of your special club.

Ordering and Consulting Online

Our products are all available online. You can also contact us for a consultation on how best to design and create a special logo or design for your event. Our embroidery experts can help create a giveaway item that will do you proud.

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