Warmest Boca Terry Bathrobes for the Coldest Winters

Warmest Boca Terry Bathrobes for the Coldest Winters

Published on Dec 24th 2015

Wintertime can be the most joyous season of all, if you manage to keep warm in cold climates.It’s a must to have more than just the right coat and fuzzy boots where temperatures drop so low enough to keep Frosty the Snowman smiling.  Keep a smile on your face, too, with a cozy bathrobe.

Replace the Comfort Food

As creatures of habit, most of us tend to resort to tasty delights during the coldest winters and don’t pay much attention to how much our choice of clothing affects our state of mind. Take, for instance, buying a new outfit or accessory. The morning or night you put it on for the first time, your confidence level suddenly hits a high.

And if the piece of clothing you’ve thrown on is ultra comfortable, that’s a double whammy. That’s what you get from a warm and snug Boca Terry bathrobe in the winter. Bathrobes can greatly enhance your mood during even the gloomiest of winter days by giving a sense of relaxation that you usually get from a soothing day at the spa.

Feel Warm Wherever You Are

Whether you choose to spend most of your winter indoors at home or you plan on taking a few trips to make the most of the skiing season, a warm bathrobe is just what you’ll need to make it much more enjoyable. The trick is to have a bathrobe that’ll fit the environment you’ll be in.

To state the obvious, longer bathrobes are much more useful during the wintertime. You can simply throw one over your pajamas or lounge wear and go on with your daily household chores. Or you can just use it on all other occasions such as the following:

  • Snowball Fight Kind of Day

 So you’re out on a snowy excursion and are done with taking a dip in the hot springs. Now it’s time to sneak up behind your loved one and surprise them with an icy game of snowball catch. With Boca Terry’s Hooded bathrobe, you’ll have a protective layer for your wet hair to keep the cold air away.

The Hooded bathrobe is the most practical one to keep cozy and dry after a nice steaming bath. It’s also available in 100% combed cotton terry or velour, and you can feel free to adjust the belt height to comfortably wrap your silhouette. The cotton terry is ideal for providing the absorbency you yearn for after a shower, while the velour provides a plush indulgence.

  • Snowed-in Night

Then again, if you prefer to stay home, Boca Terry’s Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe is perfect for providing you with flexibility on those days you can’t fight the snowstorm. Available in velour and terry variations, this particular bathrobe comes with comfy cuffs and a roll-up collar. It boasts a classic design suitable for different ages.

The treat with terry bathrobes is that they actually date all the way back to the Victorian era. At the time, cloth was just as smooth and absorbent as terry, while it was much more expensive and tough to manufacture terry. The Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe is fit for any ice prince or princess with its generous pockets and stylish details.

  • Sizzling Spa Day

What better time to unwind during your holiday break than at an indoor spa away from the rigorous wind chills of the frostiest winter months?  There’s no harm in getting a glimpse of the glimmering snowflakes through the windows of the ultra smooth chocolate bathroom—just as long as you have Boca Terry’s Velour Stripe bathrobe near.

Who said you could only wrap gifts during the holidays? The one-inch vertical linear stripe accents streaming down on this ultra chic robe are a reflection of what a velvety and pampering garment should look and feel like. It can’t get more luxurious than having velour accentuate your hot stone massage and trip to the steam room.

  • Celebratory Occasions

The winter season may be designated as the coldest one of all, but for many, it’s also among the most festive. Holidays are never in shortage of cheerful events or of the madness associated with getting everything in place on time as you’re having family and friends over; or contrarily going over to a loved one’s place.

Whether you’re popping a pot roast into the oven, or you’re getting ready to look your best as you head out into the subzero temperatures, Boca Terry’s Microfiber with Plush Lining bathrobe can lead your way.

Available in ecru and white versions, this bathrobe is made up of an extra posh fabric consisting of an 85% poly and 15% satin shell as well as 100% plush polyester microterry lining. Bring a top-rated hotel resort and spa atmosphere into your home in no time.

  • Evening by the Fireplace

Winter is the ultimate time to just sit by the fireplace and roast marshmallows. Enjoy your cup of tea or hot cocoa in Boca Terry’s Organic Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe. You can still be eco-friendly in the winter. What better way to show Mother Nature some love than with a 100% certified organic cotton bathrobe?

This bathrobe is the organic version of our Classic Shawl Collar bathrobe. Enjoy the plush touch of terry or velour on your skin and you can even store your favorite book in the large pockets as you attend to burning wood.

Cozy up Your Winter with Boca Terry

Boca Terry’s large collection of bathrobes will not only keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter season, you can also enjoy the snugness all year long. Bathrobes make the perfect winter gifts for your loved ones, too.

Contact Boca Terry today to learn more about which bathrobe you should get to relish the cold weather while staying warm.

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