Westin Turns Hotel Bathrobes Into Recycled Pajamas

Westin Turns Hotel Bathrobes Into Recycled Pajamas

Published on Apr 20th 2018

A global hotel chain is implementing an inspired new sustainability initiative that transforms hotel bathrobes and linens into children’s PJs – and we’re all about it.

Promoting sustainable efforts, creating environmentally friendly products, and prioritizing waste elimination are not exclusive to any one industry. “Green consciousness” is universal because it impacts all of us. With their “Let’s Rise” campaign, Westin Hotels & Resorts is raising the bar for the hospitality industry. The global hotel chain is transforming used hotel bathrobes and linens into children’s pajamas.

The Concept

Not surprisingly, the idea came from a Westin housekeeping supervisor. The housekeeping staff observes the waste that’s generated on a daily basis.

So, Westin conducted a test: First, partner up with sustainability experts. Start with just 50 hotels. Then, take 30,000 lbs of worn and overused linens, hotel bathrobes and towels and recycle them.

The Result

From 30,000 lbs, Westin created 2,000 pajamas as well as numerous socks and packaging materials. Westin will donate 1,500 pajamas and sell the others to fund their next initiative.

The Big Picture

Westin has 225 hotels. Moreover, there are more than 175,000 hotels across the globe. Imagine the amount of waste generated year after year—and what can be made from it.

Steps You Can Take

  1. In this age, corporate sustainability practice and repurposing of materials are essential for successful businesses. Non-profits like Clean the World can help hotels recycle their unused hotel soap bars and bottled hygiene products. Others, such as Divergent Energy, are helping companies realize that they can “divert their waste streams into revenue producing opportunities.” Partner up in order to make the change.
  2. Also, connect with your wholesale hotel bathrobe manufacturer and talk to them about your sustainability goals. Their organic bathrobe options might be precisely what you have in mind.
  3. Think outside the box. Resort towels transformed into pajamas? Who would have guessed?
  4. Start now. No better time than the present.



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