Wet Bunning Natural Hair

Wet Bunning Natural Hair

Published on May 17th 2011

Wet bunning is a great protective style. Not just that but its also easy to do and also leaves your hair moisturized if done right. You can bun your hair in all sorts of ways, the styles are limitless and the growth potential is huge. Even the laziest person can wet bun their hair!

Step 1: Co-wash and detangle hair while wet with conditioner. This can be done while co-washing or when you apply your leave-in

Step 2: Seal your hair with your oil of choice being sure to focus on the ends of hair

Step 3: Using a vent brush or denman, make sure the top of the hair and the hair underneath is smooth

Step 4: Use a pomade or gel(not black gel or gel filled w/alcohol)  of your choice and a bristle brush, smooth down the edges

Step 5: Brush hair into a smooth ponytail and do not bring the hair through all the way. Use another hair tie to smooth and stray hair down on the bun

And that’s it!

Of course I have added a YT video to this post so you all can see how i accomplish all of this. Enjoy

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