What Your Bathrobe Says About You

What Your Bathrobe Says About You

Published on Sep 19th 2015

What Your Bathrobe Says About YouAs you might already know, a person’s wardrobe items speak volumes about the individual who is wearing them. Most people choose clothing items that they believe represent who they are as a person.

For example, if you’re feeling edgy, you might dress up in punk-style clothing. If you’d like to be perceived as more feminine, you might opt for something that is cute and “girly.”

Sure, these are stereotypes—but at the same time, your style and clothing choice give others a certain perception about who you are as a person.

And guess what? The bathrobes you offer in your establishment are no exception. Just as clothing items speak to your personality and style, your bathrobe choice works in the same way. In fact, some bathrobes might have even more to say than regular clothing items.

What does your bathrobe choice say about you? It might speak to the following attributes regarding your personality:

  1. Your Level of Investment When it Comes to Quality

First of all, your bathrobe is a representation about you or your brand. If you go with the bargain brand bathrobes, you might not be representing yourself to your highest expectation. At the same time, a luxury brand bathrobe is going to show that you have good taste and you’re invested in promoting your company in a positive light.

  1. How You Feel about Your Guests

It’s not just important to represent your brand well. It is equally as critical (if not more important) to provide top quality bathrobes to your guests. Bathrobes, towels and other spa accessories can speak volumes about how you are going to treat your guests during your stay. In turn, this also affects your reputation. If you’re not investing in high quality bathrobes, you now have two strikes against your reputation.

So, how do you feel about your guests? That’s not a question that you want to hear them asking. As a company, it should be your goal to make this obvious from the start. Show your guests that you value them. Show them they’re worth it. Reveal to them that only the best flies in your establishment. And do this all with something as simple as an elegant, luxurious bathrobe.

  1. A Window Into Your Personality

Personality shines through a person’s wardrobe selection—and this is the same even when it comes to clients. See, your company actually has a personality.

That personality manifests itself through reputation, branding, customer service, and online presence. In today’s climate, branding actually plays a huge role in any given establishment’s potential for success. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to your branding and marketing efforts.

More and more buyers are looking for personality and branding when they buy—and your guests are doing the same. You can inject life into your establishment through even the smallest things—such as a bathrobe!

Let your personality shine through. Show your guests you care for them with something as simple as a bathrobe.

  1. Your Most Obvious Interests

Your interests are going to be made obvious by your choice of bathrobes, as well. For example, do you love the outdoors? Are you located in the midst of Alaska’s tough wilderness in the heart of winter? You might want to opt for a cozy, fuzzy Checkered Bathrobe. This will keep your guests warm while also displaying your love and interest in the outdoorsy lifestyle.

In the same respect, if you are a hotel located in the heart of Miami’s Ocean Drive, you’re more than likely going to want to promote that image through a lightweight, classy Shawl Waffle Bathrobe. It speaks to the high-class elegance of the city while also emphasizing just how hot it can be there.

Bring Your Bathrobes to Life with Boca Terry

Boca Terry is in the business of providing luxury quality—yet affordable—bathrobes to brands across the world. If you’re ready to help your brand’s personality shine through, then it’s time to invest in the best. Our representatives will be happy to walk you step-by-step through the process of purchasing bathrobes that are full of life—and will bring that life to your hotel or spa! Now is the time to get started! Contact Boca Terry today for a wholesale quote or to place an order with us.

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