Where to Buy Towels at Wholesale Prices

Where to Buy Towels at Wholesale Prices

Published on Aug 24th 2012

Where you can find Luxury BathrobesA towel is such a little thing, but when someone doesn’t have access to one when he or she needs it, it can quickly turn into a big problem. Most people have probably experienced forgetting a towel at the pool, the gym or on an overnight stay. In the hospitality industry, the towel also seems like a little thing at first. However, most hotel managers soon realize that the cost of purchasing, replacing and maintaining towels can be astronomical. Hotel managers and owners need to provide towels for their guests, but they must do at a reasonable price. Luckily, there are a number of places where hotel managers can obtain towels wholesale.

Wholesale Towel Prices

Even though an inexpensive towel only costs around $4 at Wal-Mart, buying 400 $4 towels adds up to $1,600 before tax. Because most hotel owners can’t swing this price, the best option is to purchase towels from wholesale retailers. Wholesale means that an item is sold in bulk for a discounted price. The price is reduced because the purchaser is buying so many and because, in most cases, there is no middle man. Boca Terry is one boutique that offers wholesale pricing.

Finding Wholesale Locations Online

Today, most wholesale merchandise is offered online. Finding a wholesale towel seller online is much easier and more effective than looking for a brick-and-mortar store. First, when hotel owners buy online, they are not tied down to their physical location. This means that they can browse merchandise from wholesalers around the country to find the best prices on the highest quality items. Often, even paying for shipping is more cost effective than choosing a local brick and mortar wholesaler with higher prices.

Selecting the Right Merchandise

Part of the wholesale requirement is that hotel owners get large, bulk orders of what they choose. For this reason, owners and managers need to ensure they are getting the right products when they choose the wholesale route. They must purchase from a trusted retailer that will ensure they receive high-quality products. Years of experience and unprecedented customer service make Boca Terry one of the most trusted names in towels.

Having towels to offer to their guests or patrons is an important part of being in the hospitality industry. However, hospitality industry facility owners know they can’t afford to pay big box prices every time they need new towels. That’s where Boca Terry comes in. Because they offer quality products at wholesale prices, purchasing from Boca Terry is an excellent way for business owners to ensure they are meeting the needs of their customers without putting themselves in the red. Business owners can view Boca Terry’s large selection on their website. They can call of fax toll free at 877.421.6001 x210 and 866.530.9743. Locally, the company can be reached at 954.312.4410. Business owners should contact Boca Terry today to learn about all the ways they can benefit homeowners.

The towel is a little thing that can be a big deal to customers. Luckily, Boca Terry makes the best towels affordable for all businesses.

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