Wholesale Luxury Bathrobes for Bed and Breakfasts

Wholesale Luxury Bathrobes for Bed and Breakfasts

Published on Dec 18th 2012

wholesale bathrobes for B&BsAs the premier supplier of sumptuous robes for the hotel and spa industry, Boca Terry is constantly defining what it means to provide the ultimate in sensuality for its clients. Whether we are talking about our basic kimono, microterry, fleece, hooded, waffle, or microfiber styles, each and every piece that we create is made for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Leaving the World Behind

We know that when people book a Bed and Breakfast they are hoping to leave the world behind. When they arrive at your door, they want to bask in the luxury of all you have to offer, including the sensuality of your fabrics, the ease of a restful environment, and all the rest and relaxation that goes along with a perfect vacation.

Sumptuous Selections Adding to Your Reputation

Our dedication to providing luxury bathrobes that define comfort is what has made us one of the most popular bathrobe suppliers for Bed and Breakfasts around the nation. With an inventory that harmonizes with every taste, season, and function, we can provide you with sumptuous selections that will add unlimited points to your reputation.

Refining the Details

A good Bed and Breakfast is always rated by its level of care and attention. When guests are pampered with perfectly appointed rooms, exceptional cuisine, and gracious hospitality, they will come back time and time again, while also recommending you to their friends. By paying attention to every detail, you guarantee that your locale will stay ahead of the competition. At Boca Terry, our desire is to help you refine the details by supplying you with the best quality robes possible.

Undergoing the Test of Time

At Boca Terry we know that every robe we sell will undergo the test of time through numerous washings. This is why we pay serious attention to how our robes are fabricated, as longevity is as essential as their innate beauty and comfort. We never stint on exceptional choice when it comes to materials and methods of maintaining quality. We know that no matter how many times our robes are washed, durability is one of the essential points when it comes to standing behind our brand.

Creating Robes for Every Season

Creating sensual robes for every season is what brings the hospitality industry to our doors year in and year out, with our loyal clients seeking out the latest models, and new customers enjoying the wide variety that we feature in our constantly expanding inventory. With an eye to aesthetics as well as functionality, each and every robe that we sell is designed with exceptional fabrics, stitching, and an ever-present eye toward durability.

Cotton for Warm Weather, Terry for Cold

Because we provide wholesale luxury bathrobes for Bed and Breakfasts for all seasons, buyers are able to purchase robes that work for each climate, with cotton appropriate for warmer weather and terry for colder climes. Boca Terry’s cotton robes use the natural fibers derived from the cotton plant. The longer the length of each fiber, the stronger, more absorbent, and more durable the fabric. We make sure that we use fibers that will allow our robes to last throughout the innumerable wash and dry cycles that are required.

A Soft and Sensual Feel

Pure cotton robes are soft, environmentally friendly, and completely hypoallergenic. Ours are made with special attention to an exquisitely soft and sensual feel. Combined with polyester, they maintain a perfect drape, never shrinking or wrinkling, and always maintaining their elegant appeal.

Stylish Designs for Men and Women

Because our cotton robes are not made with a looping technique, they are light, even with their great absorbency, which makes them perfect for warm weather. They are also ideal for use in a spa environment, should your Bed and Breakfast offer this amenity, providing great absorbency, especially for after-treatment when lotions and oils have been applied. Our waffle designs are a wonderful example of a simple yet stylish design that is appropriate for both men and women.

The Soft, Lush Feel of Terry

Our terrycloth robes are made with pure cotton as well, or with a cotton-polyester blend. Here we have a beautiful example of high-end material that is made with thick, uncut loops that have been woven to create a soft, lush feel that allows for the maximum of moisture absorption. Heavier than our cotton models, these terry robes are ideal for colder climates where your guests can envelop themselves in the deep pile that provides the ultimate in absorbency and warmth.

Providing the Ultimate in Comfort

Whether poolside, at the spa, or in one’s cozy room, wearing a terry robe, especially our hooded models, provides the ultimate in comfort. Providing your guests with soft, soothing amenities is one of the best ways to keep them returning, especially when they recognize that your interest lies in purchasing quality items designed to enhance their experience.

Exceptional Robes at Reasonable Prices

At Boca Terry, our mission is to bring you exceptional bathrobes at reasonable prices. We know that by supplying you with the highest quality materials at prices you can afford, you will be able to satisfy your clients and enhance your reputation in the industry. Our interest is in cultivating long term relationships, helping you to keep abreast of exquisite styling and the highest end methods when it comes to state-of-the-art construction.

Attention to Quality and Great Customer Service

Every one of our luxury bathrobes is inspected for quality, ensuring that when you order from us, you are ordering the finest example of what can be found in the marketplace today. Our attention to this, as well as our great customer service, keeps us in the forefront as we continue to find ways to bring you the best in all aspects of our business.

Contact Us

For more information on our wholesale luxury robes for Bed and Breakfasts, please contact us by calling 877.421.6001 or fill out our online form. We will be happy to discuss the advantages of our many designs and fabrics as we help you determine which ones are the best for the kinds of services you offer.

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