Wholesale Organic Cotton Spa Robes (Updated)

Wholesale Organic Cotton Spa Robes (Updated)

Published on Jan 6th 2016

Wholesale Organic Cotton Spa Robes

Cotton is one of the smoothest fabrics around and it can certainly make the case for the pampered environment your clients yearn for. Boca Terry knows how important your customers’ satisfaction is, which is why we’ve always been dedicated to supplying the most comfortable bathrobes.

On Trend

Cotton can easily be classified as the most classic fabric in existence. It’s always in style and it doesn’t just feel amazingly soft, it’s also highly absorbent. For guests who have sensitive skin or allergies, nothing beats organic cotton.

Environmental Awareness

Nowadays, organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular, and has been replacing many other more traditional fabrics. As more agrochemicals are being used, clients are even more alert about the significance of using environmentally friendly products.

The Toxic Makeup of Conventional Cotton

Traditionally grown organic cotton has a high level of toxins that are becoming highly detrimental to our environment. It’s dangerous to both those who directly work with the cotton production and to those who wear it.

Conventionally grown cotton is harmful to air quality, water tables, as well as the wellbeing of wildlife, to name a few. The use of poisonous insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides on cotton still haven’t been discarded. While these practices remain to be widespread, the use of even stronger chemicals to overpower the consistent adaptation of pests is becoming even more necessary.

Genetically Modified Cotton Seeds

As the demand for cotton increases, so does the use of GMO seeds. It’s still unclear as to how dangerous the use of such seeds really is. About 75% of cotton in today’s market contains chlorine bleach and formaldehyde resins. Seeing as how skin absorbs pretty much everything it comes in contact with, wearing cotton that’s treated with such toxins can be hazardous.

Natural Agricultural Practices

At Boca Terry, we encourage the use of safe agricultural processes. We promote processes that promote a healthy environment such as crop rotation in addition to other natural biological cycles. These types of methods are proof that cotton can be grown without the use of chemicals and with the use of practices that stimulate less erosion.

Upholding the Demand for Organic

As the demand for organic products has been increasing on a global scale, we’ve been paying attention to the public demand of lowering the emissions of greenhouse gases and consuming less energy. Boca Terry oversees all the products involved in production and manufacturing so we’ve implemented strict guidelines to make sure that our organic products are up to par to eco-friendly standards.

The Look and Feel of Organic Perfection

Boca Terry’s selection of organic cotton bathrobes are made with the utmost care, Starting with the manufacturing process in our factories in China, each bathrobe is created with the strongest attention to detail. We have our very own high expectations and make sure that our organic bathrobes are emblems of your eco-friendly stance.

From choosing the appropriate cotton to use in our production processes, to achieving the desired end result, at Boca Terry, we are dedicated to our quality control processes. To meet the highest expectations of customers who promote the “Go Green” movement, we make sure they get the products they desire.

Vigilant Practices

Boca Terry’s collection of wholesale organic cotton bathrobes is ideal for using at your spa thanks to their almost magical abilities to strip away moisture as well as absorb any creams or oils you use in your treatments. Our robes offer an uber relaxing sensation to keep with the missions of any luxurious spa.

We pay attention to mindful practices that are part of the standards of spas, hotels, and cruise lines. The hospitality industries all over the world value such business models, which is why we also greatly base the high quality nature of our selection on durability. The stitching on our bathrobes is made to withstand the rigorous laundering practices required by the hospitality industry.

Here are the organic bathrobes you can find at our online store:

  • The Organic Basic Kimono

If you’re looking for a classic style that can turn anyone’s silhouette into an elegant shape, this classic style boasts the clean lines to do it. This kimono is proof that “simplicity is beauty,” and with Boca Terry’s touch, your guests can feel as light as a feather any time during the year.

  • The Organic Lightweight Waffle

Made of 100% certified cotton, a square pattern is an ideal look for use at the spa and can spruce up just about any setting. This bathrobe boasts a one-size-fits-all standard that’s practical and convenient for guests of different weight types.

  • The Organic Classic Shawl Collar

With multi needle stitching around the cuffs and collar of this snug robe for a chic appeal, a hanger loop is available for easy storage. Deep pockets are generous enough to hold your guests’ belongings as they enjoy their soothing massage treatments or while they continue their relaxing retreat with a healthy smoothie at the wet bar.

Customization Options

Whether it’s for men or women, Boca Terry’s organic cotton bathrobes can meet anyone’s spa needs. All of our bathrobes can be customized with your spa’s colors/logo. It’s an excellent way to feature your brand’s identity as a memorable part of your guests’ visit.

You can even include these customized bathrobes in your spa’s boutique if you have one. You might even want to gift these robes to your guests to take home with them to make for an unforgettable experience your guests will remember and most likely spread the word about.

Spa Robes Wholesale

While finding a great deal on spa robes wholesale is important, you cannot overlook the importance of quality. This is a product that you will either sell to your customers or offer to them as a gift. Either way, the product will reflect your business even more so than it will the manufacturer. This is a chance to make an impression on the customer, one that could encourage them to come back again and refer you to friends and family. That’s why you want to put a lot of thought into where you should go for wholesale spa robes.

So why is Boca Terry the place for you to shop? We can tell you it’s because we have the best quality in the industry, which is true. It’s also true that our clients include some of the top hotels, spas, resorts and other businesses around the world. However, the reason you should buy your wholesale spa robes from us is because of our attention to detail, including giving you the information you need to make the right decision on your purchase. When you browse our site, you will find detailed information about each item we offer including the dozens of options of bathrobes. This ensures that you know exactly what you are getting and are happy with your decision.

Another advantage to shopping with us for spa robes wholesale is that we give you more options than the competition. For example, if you want to also get slippers, towels, or even personalized options, we offer all of those options and more. We invite you to take a look at our site, view our blog and contact us should you have any questions about popularity, ordering and shipping, personalizing an order or anything else. We are here to help you provide the best quality service to your customers.

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If you’d like to learn more about Boca Terry’s wholesale collection of organic cotton bathrobes, contact us today, and we’ll gladly help you choose the right organic bathrobes for your spa.


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