Wholesale Velour Stripe Bathrobe: Elegant, Silky and Warm

Wholesale Velour Stripe Bathrobe: Elegant, Silky and Warm

Published on Jun 27th 2014

You are ready for the perfect conclusion to a chilly day on the ski slopes: another cozy night lit by the glowing orange-gold fireplace. You turn up your favorite Pandora station and slip into your plush, warm Velour Stripe robe for a calm, relaxed, romantic evening with your other half. Does it get more comfortable than this?

Seeking Softness

Why is the Velour Stripe robe so comfortable? Well, it is no secret that humans enjoy soft materials. You knew this from the moment you opened grandma’s hand-knit wool sweater at your 7th birthday party. As much as you love grandma, wearing her wool sweater was a painfully itchy experience (only amplified by the cheek pinching).

Fabulous Fabric

Just think about how much you have spent on fabric softeners. If you are guilty of adding fabric softening liquid into each load of laundry, then you understand what we are getting at. Softer is just better. However, there is an easier, more economical approach to sporting a soft robe: buy a soft robe! Lucky for you, the Velour Stripe bathrobe is one of our softest; it is extremely plush, meaning that the comfort users feel is nearly unmatchable. Our robe features all the silky indulgence of velour in an elegant, sophisticated package.

The Comfort Continues

Our Velour Stripe bathrobe features a cozy roll up collar and cuffs. Encasing your shoulders, back, and neck, the soft velour rolls over every bit of skin. As you rest your arms, the roll up cuffs cushion your wrists with their soothing embrace.

Providing Clients Size Options

Spa and hotel owners, you will be happy to know that the Velour Stripe bathrobe comes in “one size fits all,” so that all guests may enjoy the comfort of this robe. However, we are careful to remain sensitive to the fact that one size doesn’t really fit all. Because we believe that everyone deserves to experience relaxation and comfort while visiting your company, we also offer this robe in XXL size.

Details Determine Satisfaction

The difficulty with “one size fits all” however, is that men and women are often very different heights. In America, the average height for a man age 20 and older is 5 feet, 9.5 inches. However, a woman’s average height is only 5 feet, 4 inches. Consequently, an item that is long enough for a tall man might be way too long for a short woman, because their waists fall as completely different levels.

How We Tackled This

Lucky for guests, this is why we have attached a double set of belt loops to this robe. By giving two height options for the belt, this gives your visitors a higher chance of finding the right spot in which to cinch this robe around their natural waist. We know that your guests are different sizes; it’s time for manufacturers to stop pretending they are not.

Keep Valuables Close By

Guests to your establishment might be wary of wearing robes because they do not want to wear a purse with a robe. They also might fear that their cell phone could fall out of a shallow pocket. Now, guests never need to go a moment without the necessities. Our Velour Stripe bathrobe offers large, generous pockets. Grab just the essentials: cash, cards, your phone, and your room key. Your guest’s items will never be far from them. Goodbye lost & found! Your guest’s the most important valuable will always be by their side (literally).

Why Cotton?

Velour, similar to velvet, is known because it is incredibly soft, yet stretchy. In fact, we bet you never knew cotton could get this soft. You just have to feel it to understand how amazing it is. Lucky for you, cotton is also absorbent. Who doesn’t want a robe that soaks up almost as much as a good towel?

Hope for a Warm Winter

Cotton is warm, which makes it a great choice for morning or evening wear, and for use in colder climates. After a long, freezing day in the middle of winter, provide your guests with what they really need—warmth! At 52 inches in length, this is quite a long robe. Perfect for keeping heat trapped inside, your guests will feel as cozy as they do at home by the fire. Even as they gaze outside at a raging snow storm, you have ensured they will always be warm.

The Combed Cotton Difference

This product is made from 100% combed cotton. Combing cotton results in a softer product. As it is combed, the shorter, scratchier fibers are combed apart from the long, soft strands. Combed cotton is always a higher quality product than their cotton counterparts. We are proud to use combed cotton, therefore, elevating our products a bit more.

Embrace Elegance

The one-inch vertical stripe pattern is not just for show. It enhances the robe’s skin-pampering feel, as well as elevates the high class velvety look. This beautiful robe is fit for a king and queen. In today’s society, the lines between classes are becoming blurred, as more and more citizens have access to high end items, treats, and travel. Now you, too, have access to a beautiful robe that will accentuate any guest’s stay. Do you want your guests to look and feel like royalty when they visit your cruise, hotel, or spa? Pamper them with this elegant robe; they won’t forget it.

Accentuate Your Brand

To up the elegance even more, consider customizing your new robes! Guests will instantly recognize your brand when you choose to embroider a beautiful logo or monograph in vibrant colors!

Boca Terry: Committed to Perfection

As you can expect, this is only one of our many impressive items. We care about our clients, and we are committed to providing the best products. Whether you are looking for robes, lounge chair covers, towels, slippers, or spa accessories, you can always trust our name. Are you interested in our luxurious robes? Contact us today for pricing!

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