Why Organic Cotton? A Scary Fact Might Just Answer That Question

Why Organic Cotton? A Scary Fact Might Just Answer That Question

Published on Jul 4th 2013

Why Organic Cotton? A Scary Fact Might Just Answer That Question

With so much more information about the toxicity of agrochemicals, the hospitality industry is becoming more aware of the importance of going Green. We at Boca Terry know about the importance of natural fibers and fabrics, and offer some of the finest selections in organic cotton bathrobes in the market today.

Commercial Cotton Facts


Some shocking news regarding commercially grown cotton is that that they are responsible for one quarter of all the agrochemicals used today. This means that cotton comes in second to corn as the most toxic product in the United States.

Facts from the Environmental Protection Agency reveal that seven out of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton are potentially carcinogenic. When you think of how these chemicals are absorbed into our water tables, air, and soil, it is easy to understand how our environment has become so compromised.

Environmental Responsibility


When it comes to flora and fauna, we are surely suffering from the overuse of these toxins. Ecosystems are not what they use to be, and we believe that everyone must take responsibility for moving forward in an environmentally responsible way.

Absorption of Toxins Through the Skin


As the largest organ of body, our skin absorbs everything it comes in contact with. As the skin breathes, toxins pass into our system, especially if our health is not in top condition.

Stronger Toxins Made as Insects Resist


With insects becoming more resistant to pesticides, stronger toxins are constantly being manufactured. Wildlife is compromised and so are we, as most of the cotton we use for our bedding and clothing has been treated with deadly products that can do nothing but fortify the commercial cotton makers.

Respect for Natural Cycles


At Boca Terry, we are looking at these facts along with rest of hospitality industry. In service to a healthier world, much of our product line is made with an eye to responsible farming, with crop rotation and respect for natural biological cycles that produce toxin-free cotton.

Our Mission of Responsibility


Why Organic Cotton

Our mission is to lower our carbon footprint, support the use of less energy, help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, provide a safer environment for cotton workers, and create products that will not compromise the skin or internal systems of those who wear them.

Supporting the Green Ethic


From soil to seed, Boca Terry is a part of the dynamic market that supports the Green ethic. Our organic cotton terrycloth robes are exquisitely made and come in one-size-fits-all for both men and women. Order special plus sizes or consult with us on how to create a beautifully customized robe to promote your brand.

Why Organic Cotton? A Scary Fact Might Just Answer That Question

When you buy from our company, you know you are buying the highest quality products made with loving care. With every organic robe looking like a million dollars, you can also be proud of supporting a better and more eco-conscious way to produce garments for your establishment.

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