What Makes White Towels The Best Option For Bathrooms?

What Makes White Towels The Best Option For Bathrooms?

Published on Sep 28th 2021

Towels are a great way to add a warm and welcoming touch to your bathroom. When it comes to choosing the color of towels, there is no match for white bathroom towels. Apart from imparting a classy and timeless look to your bathroom, white towels blend seamlessly with any decor, color accents, and themes.

Top five benefits of white towels

White is always trending - As syndicated columnist and author Marni Jameson says color is a short-term and 'cheap design thrill' for those seeking easy change. White has remained a color of choice for bathrooms and is named as the top trending color for 2021 as well. Whether it is for the new year or for a celebration, a crisp white paint coat gives a classy update to the bathroom. Apart from giving an overall clean look, pure white towels help you create a relaxing space.

Cost savings - Due to their versatility, luxurious white bathroom towels help save you money. Your bathroom d├ęcor can be changed any number of times as desired and your pristine white towels will blend in perfectly. Whether you are giving your home a complete makeover or sprucing up your bathroom, there is no need to purchase new towels to match the decor when you invest in a set of high-quality white towels. 

White blends with any color decor - If you have a brightly colored bathroom, the best way to ensure your towels match the decor is to invest in beautiful white towels. Fluffy white towels look timeless and seamlessly blend in with any setting or style.

White towels are durable - Just as dreams, skin tone, and romance fade, color too fades, giving towels a worn-out look and feel. Many users of colored towels have faced the problem where big blotches appear on the towel after a few washes and the color begins to fade. The ugly truth is, colored towels, like other colored fabrics, are susceptible to fading. The dye used to impart color on darker towels bleeds during the initial washing cycles that can end up damaging other items in the wash load. This means that you may have to replace your colored towels frequently while faced with the damage of other clothes. With white towels, there are no risks of them fading, and they don't need to be replaced as often as colored towels.

You can always choose to just display some fancy colored towels that just serve as decorative pieces. White towels, on the other hand, not only look stylish but because of their durability, give you the best return on your investment.

Ease of maintenance - While some people think white towels are difficult to maintain, on the contrary, colored towels are high-maintenance. As the color dye used in these colored towels tend to bleed when you wash them, you have to ensure you first pull out towels from other linens and clothes. The next step is to separate dark-colored towels from light and white-colored ones. Any towel darker than pale yellow should be in the dark pile. Light and white-colored towels easily pick up the dye from darker towels while darker ones fade over time as they impart the color. If you end up using bleach or extra detergent in your washing, the darker towels will fade much more. From color-catcher sheets, vinegar to specific detergents, you may have to also invest in a range of products to maintain your colored towels.

Easy to clean - Some may opt for colored towels because stains do not show up on them. However, this is precisely the reason why colored towels are not the ideal choice. Stains and dirt get masked by the color, which means they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria when you neglect to wash them frequently. Studies show that over 90 percent of towels carry bacteria and other germs that can potentially cause diseases. To keep your white towels sparkling clean, all you need is hot water. As the smallest of dirt or stains are visible on your white towel, you will not forget to wash them regularly. When using colored towels, you also have to remember to keep them away from Benzoyl Peroxide, a common ingredient used in skincare products such as over-the-counter acne treatment gels, spot treatments, and cleansers. Benzoyl peroxide acts as a bleach, leading to fading of colored towels. With white towels, there are no such hassles.

How to wash white towels

White towels are easy to clean and maintain. However, ensure you do not use excessive heat to wash your white towels that can damage the soft cotton fibers. High-quality towels that feature 100 percent combed cotton terry, being soft and absorbent, can be easily kept clean and hygienic by washing them at 40 degrees. Experts recommend washing towels after every third use to prevent the build-up of bacteria and avoid them acquiring a musty smell.

Cotton towels of lower quality tend to weaken faster as more stress is placed on them during the machine wash and drying process. White bathroom towels that are of poor quality can lose their absorbency and softness with frequent washes as well.

White towels featuring high-grade cotton absorb more and last longer. There are no hassles of lint or pilling with combed cotton towels with shorter threads removed. With highly absorbent cotton terry towels, you also do not need to use fabric softeners, bleach, or excess detergent. If there are any tough stains on your white towels, you can use bleach to remove any stains before washing them. If the manufacturer's instructions specify that bleach should not be used, just treat them with baking soda before washing them to keep them white and bright.

White is the top choice

White is clearly the way to go when it comes to your towels. White towels are known for the longevity of style and coordinate well with any bathroom decor and color. Investing in luxurious white cotton terry towels is the easiest way to enjoy their numerous benefits ranging from comfort, style, and ease of maintenance.

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