Why You Need Luxury Amenities at Your Spa

Why You Need Luxury Amenities at Your Spa

Published on Aug 13th 2015

Why You Need Luxury Amenities at Your SpaWith spas—including medical spas—growing in popularity, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand apart from the others in the business.

While nearly all spa owners are careful to deliver guests a relaxing feel with high quality standards, only some spas are able to bring it a step higher, upping the caliber of grandeur. How are they able to do it? Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce luxury spa accessories and amenities.

Whether you are curious about what amenities to offer or why you should offer them, this article will take you through the ins and outs of which amenities your spa should have. Find out the reasons why you need luxury amenities at your spa today!

Quality Matters

When you decide you’d like to stand out from the crowd of spas, quality is what really matters. It will make a significant impact on the way your guests feel, and they way they feel about your spa! Gone are the days of settling for mediocre bathrobes and paper-thin towels. Instead, offer your guests an unforgettable experience. Wrap them in a feather soft, plush bathrobe and pamper them with a towel of the same caliber.

Durability Improves Your Bottom Line of Profit

When you opt for the top quality brands, your products are going to go farther. Because our luxury quality bathrobes and spa accessories are made with tested manufacturing techniques and from globally sourced materials, they are made to be strong and durable. That means your bathrobes, towels, and spa wraps are going to last longer, through a greater number of washes. And that’s important, because your bathrobes and towels need to be washed between each guest—no matter how many you have in a day!

Manufacturing Makes a Difference

Let’s take a closer look at Boca Terry’s manufacturing process. Did you know that we take full ownership over our products’ manufacturing? From start to finish, we are fully hands-on when it comes to creating our products. That’s why we can promise such quality: we are committed to ensuring everything is made with a high standard throughout the process. From quality testing to enhancing our designs, we are dedicated to promoting our products’ ability to awe your guests each and every time.

When it comes to Boca Terry’s name, you know that a high standard will always be attached.

Shipping Can Make or Break the Deal

You can’t enjoy a luxury product if it takes months and months to ship large quantities. We are dedicated to standard through and through. That’s why we have a fully stocked shipping center in South Florida. You can rest assured that your luxury amenities will be shipped out quickly and efficiently. No need to wait for quality.

Stand Out From the Rest

With spas becoming more and more common, there is a growing need to improve your offerings to be viewed as a cut above the rest. You can’t do that with just any old amenities. Your guests want to be clothed in beautiful bathrobes and wrapped in tasteful towels. This will ensure that they understand the value of what they are getting.

By offering the best, your guests will know that you care—not only about them, but about your reputation as well.

Affordable Prices Seal the Deal

Boca Terry is committed to delivering the best bathrobes and other luxury spa accessories—and at an affordable price! Because we own the manufacturing process for our products, we are able to reduce costs along the way.

We cut out the middlemen associated with most manufacturing by taking full ownership. Best of all, we pass our savings along to you—because each of our wins are your wins as well.

That means our customers receive top-notch quality items at factory direct prices. We couldn’t keep all of those savings for ourselves!

At such an affordable rate, you can’t afford not to suit up your guests in Boca Terry’s luxury amenities.

Buy the Best: Boca Terry

As our customers know, Boca Terry is committed to the best. From our bathrobes and towels to our spa wraps and slippers, we are constantly innovating new ways to stand apart from the crowds. Are you ready to make your guests feel right at home? Contact us today for wholesale pricing quotes or to place an order.

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