Why You Should Provide Bathrobes on Your Cruise Ship

Why You Should Provide Bathrobes on Your Cruise Ship

Published on May 12th 2016

Why You Should Provide Bathrobes on Your Cruise Ship

Cruises are well known for their many benefits and the comfort they provide that makes for a perfect vacation. Whether your cruise ship is welcoming a couple or a family, it should be equipped with all of the amenities necessary to help you stand out among the large competition.

Your ship might travel to exotic destinations and it might offer various onboard activities for diverse age groups, but if it doesn’t include the attention to details that keep visitors wanting to come back, such facilities won’t be as memorable. Having luxury bathrobes onboard are among those amenities that can set your ship apart from the rest.

A Luxurious Atmosphere

Every vacationer yearns for getting the VIP treatment, whether they’re staying on land or on a ship. Luxurious bathrobes will resonate a lavish aura throughout any space of your cruise ship.

If you have an onboard spa, for example, having luxury bathrobes nearby will give the guests the feeling of really being in a city on the water. They won’t have to give up the sense of getting the full spa treatment while at sea.

Bathrobes and spa accessories combine to create an ambience of being pampered regardless of the size of your ship. At Boca Terry, all of our bathrobes and spa products can be customized to add an extra lush appeal to each piece for a more personal experience. In turn, you’ll also enhance your brand awareness with the display of your ship’s logo or emblem.

Bathrobes are especially useful for those longer cruise trips when guests will want to unwind in a comfortable garment after visiting several destinations at once. They easily create a romantic setting, too, as they can be worn while guests enjoy a beverage as they gaze at the ocean view from their rooms.

A Laid-Back Stay

The best part about bathrobes is their flexible nature. Guests can wear them while lounging around in the cruise cabins or while they’re out on deck by the pool. Boca Terry’s bathrobes can be folded and carried with ease thanks to their lightweight nature.

All of our bathrobes come with practical features including large front pockets that allow for storing personal belongings with ease and keeping them close by. Whether the pockets are used to store mobile phones or a book, guests won’t have to worry about having their hands full.

Each Boca Terry bathrobe also boasts a hanger loop to ease storage. Additionally, ouble belt loops are available for adjusting the belt height to flatter just about any silhouette for a carefree fit.

The highly absorbent qualities of Boca Terry’s cotton terry bathrobe selections make them excellent for using after a day at sea and after a soothing shower. If they’re used as sunbathing or spa treatment companions, our bathrobes can absorb oils and lotions and easily air dry in the sun.

A Gateway to Privacy

One of the most sought-after features of bathrobes is the privacy they provide. Whether guests decide to use them as a swimsuit cover-up, instead of using a towel, or they’re used in the event of an emergency that calls for guests to immediately exit their cabins, Boca Terry’s long bathrobes can greatly maintain privacy.

Guests might even get unexpected visitors. They’ll greatly appreciate having a comfy garment to take cover in without having to rush and change. If guests know that they’re going to have their own bathrobe waiting for them, they might even opt to pack less for their trip. Since cruises create a social setting, allowing for the maintenance of privacy is a must.

A Long-Lasting Investment

Luxury bathrobes have a highly durable nature. They can be used and washed numerous times while maintaining their composition. With the rigorous sanitary standards set by the hospitality industry comes the need to comply with them by consistently, including the laundering all linens, towels, and bathrobes.

Since Boca Terry’s bathrobes are manufactured using the highest quality materials in the market, they can endure undergoing several launderings while preserving a soft feel. Contrarily, the makeup of lower quality bathrobes can easily be altered when they’re regularly exposed to laundry detergent, which will ultimately cause the fabric fibers to break down and/or the fabric to stiffen.

Once a bathrobe slightly tears or begins to show any other signs of wear, it must be replaced. By purchasing quality bathrobes, you most likely won’t have to replace them for a long time, which will allow you to stay within your budget and lower replenishment costs.

Boca Terry’s Best Bathrobes for Your Cruise Ship

At Boca Terry, you’ll find a large assortment of luxury bathrobes that can suit any décor theme. Whether your cruise ship is furnished in a more traditional or modern manner, you can choose from various bathrobe models for every kind of space. Here are some of our most popular models that can improve your cruise ship amenities:

  • Basic Kimono
  • Classic Shawl Collar Bathrobe
  • Hooded Bathrobe
  • Kimono Waffle
  • Knit Waffle Bathrobe
  • Microtec Bathrobe
  • Microterry Bathrobe
  • Mini Stripe Bathrobe
  • Velour Stripe Bathrobe

Each bathrobe features a flexible design and texture. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist appearance or a checkered pattern, or a shawl collar or kimono style, you can find it all at Boca Terry.

Get Sailing with Boca Terry’s Bathrobes

Boca Terry has been in the bathrobe manufacturing industry for over two decades. We’ve been working with the best fabric suppliers in the industry, and have developed long-standing relationships. In turn, it has allowed us to offer our one-of-a-kind bathrobes and spa accessories at competitive prices.

You can improve your guests’ experience by providing them with slippers and spa products, in addition to bathrobes. For more information about our luxury collections, call Boca Terry today. We’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for so your cruise ship guests can have a stay to remember.

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