Yarn Braids UPDATE!!

Yarn Braids UPDATE!!

Published on Feb 10th 2011

I know i know. I told you guys i would update bi-weekly but as you can see i am completely horrible with updating.

I have had my yarn braids in for a month now and i tell you this was a much much MUCH needed break from my hair. I am considering taking them out this weekend and if i do, twistout it is! Yet i still think i can afford to get a little more wear out of these ~shrug~. I guess i will see how i feel this weekend.

So far my experience with them has been very nice. I did learn a few things though:

  1. I can moisturize all of my hair while its in yarn braids because yarn holds i use my S-Curl and set under my steamer and just let all the moisture get sucked in.
  2. I can wash them but they take hours upon hours upon hours upon hours to dry and if i put them up while they dry, it smells funny.
  3. Yarn cost = $6.49 , regular hair cost = $30.00 ….. nuff said
  4. I would look really cute with dreads but i will not lock up
  5. Next time i get these done, make my yarn pieces a little longer so i can add more length.
  6. The older they get, the better they look

Yep that pretty much sums up my experience but we shall see what else i experience when takedown time rolls around. I am hoping it will be a breeze and keeping my fingers crossed.

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