Yes, You Can Have Straight Hair

Yes, You Can Have Straight Hair

Published on Oct 30th 2009

A lot of naturals , including myself, try to stay away from heat.

People say ” why don’t u get you straighten” and we hear ” can i give you some HIV?”

We are like NOPE NOPE NOPE KEEP THAT HEAT AWAY! But as time goes on , we get course and would like to know how to get our natural hair straight!

Afro American hair can be really difficult to straighten its natural state note because it won’t but because we cant get it to stay like that without frizzing up. Well i have found a tutorial on YouTube for all you naturals that would like to wear your hair in the wind from time to time.

It’s a 5 step video so DO NOT skip around. Enjoy

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Personally, i think i could do without step 5 because 1. i don’t know how to use a hotcomb and 2. to me, the seem to do much more heat damage on your hair.

I would use a smaller size flat iron for my roots. but that’s just me…..

You can find the Maxiglide that she used here.

I really hope this was a big help for anyone one out there trying to straighten their natural hair!

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