“You Use White People Products?”

“You Use White People Products?”

Published on Feb 12th 2011

How many times have you heard this?


I cannot count how many times i have hear this crap. PLEASE give me a break. The next person that uses the words “white people products” ~cocks gun~ yea, you know whats up.

I say this simply based on the fact that it’s an ignorant statement that is justified by the marketing of products in commercials that use people of a fairer complexion for these products. Pantene proV, Aussie, John Frieda, TIGI , ect… the list goes on. So when i tell people what i use some of them stop and pause.

I use Aussie Moist Conditioner as my leave-in and it is one of the best leave-ins that i have ever used. I bought it on a whim too.

Let me tell you something, i wouldn’t care if it was used on Indian silky hair. If i turn the bottle over, read the ingredients , and i can identify things that i know i can use, IM GOING TO USE IT! I will not be thinking about the marketing for the product or anything so please get out of here with that.  Now if the product doesn’t work on MY HAIR, then i will dismiss it based on that but it won’t be because i think the contents in the bottle is prejudice.

These so called Afro American hair products that women of color are so gung ho about are the same products that still have the length of your hair an inch from your scalp. Am i saying that all of these products are worthless? No i am not, but what i am saying is the vast majority of them have things in it that wouldn’t allow my hair to grow to its full potential. But that’s just me.

The main difference between our hair and Caucasian hair is we need more moisture and a little bit more oil to add shine. There are other differences but that is the MAIN difference that I have found.

Don’t be let your eyes deceive you, educate yourself on the contents of a product before you just assume that it’s not for you because you saw a person of Caucasian descent advertising it.

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