4 Ways to Bring Dull Towels Back to Life

4 Ways to Bring Dull Towels Back to Life

Published on Sep 30th 2014

You may have noticed that, after years of use and thousands of washes, your towels can begin to lose their absorbency, their fresh smell, and their plush feel. Plus, terrycloth towels can be a tricky item to launder—wash them with your favorite sweater and there will be lint everywhere; air dry them and they can feel “crunchy.” Here are the biggest tips to bring your dull towels back to life!

1. Toss in the Dryer

If you line-dry your towels, toss them in the heated dryer for 10-15 minutes once they are no longer wet. This will loosen up the tight fibers, and help to relax the fabric, leaving it softer and more flexible. Better yet, toss a tennis ball in the dryer with them, and your towels will feel exceptionally soft!

2. Utilize Non-Chlorine Bleach

Everyone loves the feeling of a soft, pure white towel against their skin. Are your graying towels making you go gray, too? Bleaching white towels is the best way to restore their pure, bright, white color! We recommend using non-chlorine bleach, only, to extend the life of your towels.

3. Refresh

After a number of washes, towels can begin to smell musty. Refresh your towels by washing them with vinegar and baking soda! Wash them once more with detergent, and they will smell clean, fresh, and anew!

4. Reduce Build Up

Terrycloth is known for its absorbency of liquid. That means that it tends to absorb the detergent each time you wash them, leaving less and less room for water! Just as beauty experts suggest using a clarifying shampoo for your hair every now and then, it’s a good idea to do the same for your towels! All you need is distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and the detergent build up will be gone in no time!

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