5 Items All Luxury Hotels Should Have in Their Rooms

5 Items All Luxury Hotels Should Have in Their Rooms

Published on Dec 14th 2013

5 Items All Luxury Hotels Should Have in Their RoomsAt Boca Terry we keep a list of items all luxury hotels should have in their rooms. Throughout our various and many peregrinations to and from great hospitality establishments of the world, we have collected our thoughts and distilled them down to our famous top five requirements.

The Definition of Luxury

But before we go any further, it is important to define what is meant by “luxury.” The popular idea is that it infers something that creates a sense of pleasure and comfort, with the understanding that it is either costly or difficult to find.

The Redefinition of Luxury

At Boca Terry, we set out many years ago to redefine this term, adhering to the first part of that definition, but then applying the words “appearing to be” when it comes to costly and difficult to find. We wanted to create products that were exceptional and way above the norm, yet accessible to anyone who could tell the difference between top quality and that of a lesser nature. Mission accomplished, and this is why buyers with taste are able to purchase our line of spa products without adversely affecting their bottom line. So what top five items should all luxury hotels have in their rooms?  What items will serve to define your brand while adding top reviews and ratings?

1. Luxury Bathrobes

The absolute first item on our list is a select luxury bathrobe. Never underestimate the power of a beautifully designed, perfectly styled, and impeccably sewn robe to set your establishment apart from the hordes of competition. The bathrobe is one of the first true tests of whether or not you pass when it comes to caring about the details. When a guest walks into his or her room for the first time and sees a gorgeous and inviting robe waiting, his or her inner ranking meter goes up instantly. Even before trying it on, it should be visually obvious that the robe is something infinitely desirable for unwinding and lounging, which is usually the reason behind booking a good hotel.  Whether you choose a classic terrycloth style with a hood, shawl collar, a kimono wrap, a Waffle Weave, or any other style, selecting a company that knows how to properly source fabrics and is involved in the manufacture and production of its goods is key. Regardless of whether a guest is a seasoned traveler who can compare robes easily or a person who is on holiday for the first time, quality is something everyone can appreciate. At Boca Terry, we offer extremely well made bathrobes that last through time. This is true not only for the classically contemporary look that we strive for in each of our designs, but also in terms of standing up to the countless launderings that are required in the hospitality business. We offer a bevy of models, most of which are made for both men and women, offering sleek lines and drape that flatter every body type. Using the best fibers, weaving and sewing techniques, and patterns that are tried and true when it comes to creating an elegant silhouette, a Boca Terry is easily recognizable for its quality and attention to detail. With your hotel’s logo expertly embroidered on the front, our bathrobes make a statement that will carry you far when it comes to emphasizing your dedication to luxury and care.

2. Comfortable Slippers

Along with a great robe come comfortable and equally exceptional slippers. What is a robe without its accompaniment, allowing the feet to be just as coddled as the body? When your guests slip into a snug pair of slippers designed to absorb moisture while providing cushioning and warmth, they have already entered Cloud Nine. Competition is fierce in the hospitality industry these days. Taking advantage of the subtle ways one can impress is of the utmost importance, and a good slipper is another example of your savvy when it comes to the details. Once again, Boca Terry comes to the rescue with our simple styling and unerring eye towards providing every foot with just what it is looking for when it comes to the ideal embrace. Wrapping around the arch just so, providing just the right amount of adjustable snugness, and creating the right compliment for whichever one of our robes you have chosen, our slippers add to the sensation of a rich, plush life that all of your customers deserve.

3. Sumptuous Towels

Thoroughly absorbent towels that feel like a million dollars are what its all about when it comes to the hands, face, and body. Offering your hotel guests towels for every exigency is a way to let them know that you know how to take care of them in just the right way. Every guest bathroom should be filled with the best possible towels, with the highest attention paid to looping technique. Here, as a buyer, it is tantamount that you understand what makes a great towel. Tightly woven loops that are short enough to do their job of wicking away moisture without becoming heavy are the sure sign of a well-made robe. A Boca Terry towel is created with great thought, as our reputation in the business is dependent on it. Our reputation was made years ago on the basis of the infallible way we choose our suppliers and train our employees. When you order our towels, you are getting a lesson in what makes a great luxury towel, with the final proof in its durability over time. Regardless of how many times they are washed, they always look great.

4. Exceptional Linens

Thread count, thread count, thread count! There is no surer sign that you are delivering luxury than when your linens are of the highest thread count possible. Offering your guests the best possible night’s sleep is what they have come to you for, and smooth, soft, luxury linens are the surest sign that you are attending to another essential detail to ensure your guests’ return and recommendations.

5. Spa Amenities

Top of the line spa amenities including lotions, hair products, soaps, and the like are another way to treat your customers like royalty. Selecting the best line of toiletries shows that you are willing to go to any lengths to create a special ambiance that is part and parcel of a good getaway vacation. And when your business travelers are privy to your impeccable services, from great robes, towels, and sheets, to pampering bath products, you are truly fulfilling your mission as a hotel that provides a cushion from the rigors of the world.

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