5 Packing Mistakes You’ll Definitely Regret

5 Packing Mistakes You’ll Definitely Regret

Published on Jun 30th 2014

5 Packing Mistakes You’ll Definitely RegretWhen summer is upon us, traveling becomes a high priority; everyone needs a break every once in a while! Wherever you are headed this year, be sure to avoid these common packing mistakes so your trip will be easy as pie.

1. Over Packing

When leaving home for a week in paradise, it is easy to over pack your suitcase—but, don’t do it! When packing, first envision how you will spend each day on the trip, and pack accordingly. One outfit per day should be good, and two is acceptable for special occasions. Better yet, pack versatile items that you can wear more than once, pairing up different outfits during your vacation.

2. Not Weighing Your Bag

Airlines and trains have weight limits for checked baggage. Knowing your airline or train’s regulations can save you from having to throw away your favorite jeans or heavy boots that won’t fit into your packed carryon. While packing, you should also consider your trip back home; you might have souvenirs for yourself or loved ones. No one wants to throw those out! Allow yourself ample space from the get-go and packing will not prove to be a problem.

3. Forgetting the Small Things

You don’t want to be the one who forgets the small, yet important things when packing. Always check to make sure you’ve packed your toothbrush, deodorant and, maybe even more importantly, your phone charger and digital camera! Some items are easily replaced when traveling; others are not.

4. Neglecting to Bring Lounge Wear

As you plan each day’s outfit, it is easy to forget your nighttime wear and lounging clothes. After a long, hot day at the beach, you will definitely want to wrap up in a silky smooth, satin robe draped over soft pajamas to welcome in the evening.

5. Not Making a Checklist

A checklist will help to ensure that none of the above items are overlooked. Create your list long before the trip and review it several times before packing day, adding on anything you may have forgotten; this will help to ensure you won’t forget anything at the last minute!

We all know that packing is the least fun part about vacation—but with our tips, you will be more likely to have perfect-packing peace of mind.

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