5 Uses for Hand Towels in Your Hotel

5 Uses for Hand Towels in Your Hotel

Published on May 27th 2015

We all know that hand towels are an excellent go-to item for various needs. And, while you might think you are using your hand towels to their greatest ability, you might be surprised to learn that such a tiny amenity—a simple piece of fabric—is probably being underutilized in your establishment on a daily basis.

The truth is, your hand towel has a lot more uses than its name suggests. Ready to learn about the surprising uses for these tiny towels in your hotel? Boca Terry delivers the surprising, yet exciting ways you can start using your spare hand towels, today!

  1. In the Gym

If you aren’t already using hand towels in your fitness center, then your guests are missing out. There are so many reasons why you should be offering hand towels in your gym facilities.

Let’s begin with the basics. First of all, a large percentage of your guests want to use a hand towel while working out. Be honest with yourself and realize that using a large, heavy, full-sized towel while working out is inconvenient — and it can leave your guests frustrated.

Instead, they want something small and simple to keep them dry during and after an intense workout. How small are we talking? Just about the size of a hand towel! They want something that is small enough to hold in their hand, hang from the treadmill, or toss around their neck — and these are just the right size.

That’s not the only way hand towels are useful in the gym. During a workout, your vacationers might work up quite a sweat. After using your fitness center facility, it is only proper—and it is expected—for individuals to wipe down the equipment they have used.

Rather than using a flimsy paper towel or a large, chunky bath towel that is too big for the job, offer your visitors hand towels for the job. They are the perfect shape and size to get the job done—and to get it done well!

  1. In Your Restrooms

You might be surprised how useful a hand towel can be in your hotel’s restrooms. Whether in your hotel restaurant’s restroom, or in the lobby restroom, offering a hand towel is an excellent way to elevate your guest’s experience.

Now, we aren’t saying that a hand towel will improve guest experience alone, but hand towel services can help. If your guests are paying for a luxury experience, give them just that: amp the elegance of your restrooms by providing stack of hand towels in the restroom that can be tossed into a “used” bin.

Better yet, rather than just tossing into a “used” bin, you can hire staff to offer guests 100% cotton hand towels to dry their hands after washing, and to take care of the used towels—because paper won’t always do.

  1. Cute Decorations

We’ve all seen it, and we all get excited about it: towel animals. A vacation is a great time to relax, to have fun, and to just enjoy your surroundings. So, who doesn’t love to find a cute, quirky piece of towel art on their bed, near the sink, or anywhere in their room? Train your housekeeping staff simple, cute tricks to drive your guests wild! 

  1. In Rooms

We know, we know: you already know you need to put hand towels in each room’s bathroom. This use for hand towels is quite obvious. However, the problem is that many hotels still overlook this necessary component to the bathroom towel collection.

Your visitors do not want to dry their face, or their clean hands with their wet bath towel. Even worse, they don’t want to accidentally use someone else’s — using another person’s towel on your face is not the most ideal situation. So, be sure to provide these perfectly sized hand-drying towels in each bathroom throughout the hotel.

  1. In the Gift Shop

Once your guests get a taste of how great the hand towels throughout your hotel feel, they will want to leave with a few. Offer your guests’ favorite hand towels, and even customize them with your hotel’s embroidered logo if you’d like! Your guests will never forget the luxurious experience they had during their stay.

Browse Towel Collections

We offer two beautiful towel collections, to ensure that your new stock of hand towels matches everything else you’re using! Here are our options:

  • Sunny Lane Collection

Our classic Sunny Lane Collection comes with everything you’d ever want in a towel set! These soft, plush towels are an easy go-to solution when you are looking for a new set.

  • Resort Collection

Resorts are synonymous with elegance and class—and these Resort Collection towels are no exception. Featuring a beautiful pattern and extremely plush surface, this collection touts luxury.

Quality Matters

Boca Terry is obsessed with quality. We source only the finest materials to use for our bathrobes, towels (yes, including hand towels), slippers, and spa accessories! Curious about what it takes to make our products? Learn more about our manufacturing process here!

Boca Terry: Better Towels

If you are ready to implement the use of hand towels across the board in your hotel, then it’s time to make the move. Ready to place a wholesale order, or have some questions? Contact us, the terry experts from Boca Terry, today!

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