Why You Should Choose Organic Bathrobes

Why You Should Choose Organic Bathrobes

Published on Dec 8th 2017

Now that organic bathrobes are more available to consumers, it’s important to understand what “organic cotton” means and why it makes a difference.

The world has become more “organic aware” in the past two decades. Still, studies show that most consumers struggle to understand the benefits of organic clothing. While organic food has grown in popularity, organic textiles make up a mere fragment of the market. So why should you choose organic bathrobes over robes made from “traditional” methods?

Conventional Cotton

Conventional cotton uses a considerable amount of pesticides and insecticides. Traditional farmers use about one quarter (25%) of the world’s insecticides on cotton. When we wear traditional, non-organic cotton, we are coming into close contact with these toxic chemicals. Of course, these agrochemicals can be harmful to the environment and the farmers who handle the crops.

Conventional cotton is also a water intensive crop, which means that it requires a massive amount of water to produce. Some experts even believe that “cotton is the largest user of water among all agricultural commodities,” requiring more than 20,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton.

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton uses far less water than conventional cotton. Also, organic cotton is grown without chemicals and pesticides, which means:

  1. it has a less drastic effect on our natural environment
  2. it’s safer to interact with, particularly for those who suffer skin sensitivities
  3. there are fewer chemicals trapped in the fibers of the clothing

Boca Terry offers several organic bathrobes to choose from. Perfect for hotels and spas as well as the healthcare and medical industries, these 100% certified organic robes and are just as luxurious as our conventional cotton products:

  • Lightweight Waffle Kimono
  • Shawl Collar, available in terry and velour
  • Basic Kimono, available in terry and velour


So, if you’re not giving your clients, guests and patients the opportunity to choose organic — what are you waiting for?


Sources: Mother Earth News, One Green Planet

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