College Essentials Checklist – Back-to-School Season

College Essentials Checklist – Back-to-School Season

Published on Jul 7th 2017

Consider these often-neglected college essentials when you go back-to-school shopping this summer.

It’s hard to believe, but back-to-school is only weeks away. If your teenager is headed off to college or boarding school, then you want to send them off well-prepared. Therefore, as you assemble your college essentials checklist, be sure to keep these items in mind.

Bedding Bundle
Most colleges will provide students with a bed frame and bare mattress. So, parents, add these items to the college essentials checklist: pillows, pillow covers, mattress pad, sheet sets, and comforters. And, if there’s room, maybe throw in a lightweight waffle blanket. They’ll need it on those nights when they fall asleep studying on the couch.

Laundry Basics
Yes, the child who presently keeps their clothes scattered around their room in varying levels of filth will now have to do their own laundry. Give them a head start and add a hamper, iron and stain remover to the college essentials checklist.

Robes & Wraps
Chances are your college-bound kid will be sharing a bathroom with fellow students. So, for the sake of discretion, add some thick kimono bathrobes and spa wraps with snaps to your college essentials checklist. As a bonus, supply them with some open-toe slippers for the walk to and from the shared residence hall restroom. Custom monograms can help distinguish your child’s bathrobe from their college buddies’ belongings, so be sure to have their initials embroidered on their robes, wraps and slippers.

There’s one thing that’s true for all dormitories: Storage solutions are notoriously slim. If you’ll be sharing a closet, you can add an adjustable closet rod. Or, if you prefer to hide everything under the bed, garment bags and bed lifts might do the trick. The good news is that there’s no shortage of storage option to choose from.

Bon voyage, students, and happy packing!

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